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    Just ur basic dad. Forewarning. Have some memory issues so I may ask the same question or repeat myself.
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    Fishing, hunting & shooting.
    Love squirrel hunting.
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  1. I got it off Amazon. Magnet isn't quite strong enough, so if I rip a wheelie it falls over. But I may add some magnets next time I goto the hardware store. I got almost all of the lawn done but I said F it after a few hours of fighting with wet grass. Didn't feel like drinkin so it was rootbeer. I also just saw they make bluetooth hearing protection! Now I can totally zone out on the world!! This is my beverage for today. As far as flea markets & tags sales. I'm searching for molds for either tins or wobble head eel jig/tins. But I wouldn't turn my nose to a buckshot mold or 20ga slug or roundball mold.
  2. Meh, If I was single and had no kids. I could live there. I stayed at a place in France for a bit that was about that size. Except the ceiling height was just under 6ft. I'm around 6ft2in. The shower was the worst. I had to go in with my arms raised to wash my top half, get out & lower my arms to wash my bottom half. To sit on the toilet I had to put my legs in the shower. But it gave me a great reason to go outside when I wasn't working.
  3. Mental note. Fish Lake Havasu
  4. Sooo...umm....any updates on this fallin rocket...
  5. I know those rats you speak of! Wife and I were fishin Gulf by that big metal thingy. Got dark, a rat the size of a cat sat on my sandworm box and wouldn't budge. I contemplated shooting it.
  6. Me either. Too much stuff goin on to do anything fun. Well except mow the grass. I find it enjoyable. I'll make a cocktail and try to find which cup fits best in my new magnetic cup holder for the mower. Have a good weekend.
  7. I agree If true. He can suck it We shouldn't need condoms either. But yet, here we are
  8. I have the same one. I love that thing! I want a lower mount for the reddot thou. I have a TRS25 and it sits too high for my liking. Squirrel killing machine thou.
  9. Glad it worked out! Personally, if I can give an animal a bit of percussive persuasion that will hopefully keep it alive. I'm all for it. I have no qualms about killin when it's needed, but I feel it should be a last resort. Obviously, it's situationaly dependent.
  10. Not legal for CT waters. Don't know where OP is fishing from thou. Sucks and makes no sense to me, but thats the way it is.
  11. Holy crap! Thats a big sunny!
  12. Twist or slice. I cannot get them off without using my pliers or a blade.
  13. If you only knew....
  14. Exactly. I keep my shotgun mag loaded minus one shell, empty chamber & hammer down. When I grab it, depending on the situation, I can load what ever round I want first. Buck, Bird, Slug or Rubber. Mind you. My mag is still loaded. I like Buck. So that's what it is. If I lived somewhere with Browns, I'd probably have Brenneke Slugs. But I don't.
  15. Get some rubber slugs or bean bag rounds. If a couple of those in the keister don't send it packing nothing will. I got mine from Midway USA.