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    Just ur basic dad. Forewarning. Have some memory issues so I may ask the same question or repeat myself.
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    Fishing, hunting & shooting.
    Love squirrel hunting.
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  1. Ebay. $21
  2. Medical stuff is one thing I need to up my game on. My woods bag has a nice small waterproof container. Mainly some gauze, leuko tape, ASPRIN! It saved me once already, some quick clot sponges, bandaids & Tylenol. Nothing I can't use. I need to make one for the water.
  3. @Arcusmaster1. My new hobby is finding people on this site that are literal encyclopedias of knowledge, and reading every single thing they've ever posted. I goto their profile and search all posts. Then I start at 1 and work back to today. Bookmarking threads of interest. Time consuming, but better than the doom and gloom of the world Sometimes, they will post a single reply that speaks volumes. A reply I may miss by glancing over a thread. And then you get secondary info from others to target & search in that thread. HUGE RABBIT HOLE! But worth it. Look up DoorGunner. Very similar area your in. CaryGreene has great stuff out there. But there are TONS of people here.
  4. We need more reaching hands in this world.
  5. I like 9ft & 5500(ish) for my "do all" fits in my car trunk. Not too heavy. Not too light. I also like a 7ft/4000 for light stuff. Mainly tossin lures (1/2-1oz) and light bait fishing (scup size stuff) Those 2 setups get 95% of my use. Sometimes I'll bust out the 10ftH rod for spring river fishing. But not much. I'm a meat fisherman. And don't focus on things like that. Nearly all my SW fishing is CT LIS.
  6. I've been getting alot of my stuff off ebay and Amazon. Might not be the best price but it's there. Supply & demand.
  7. I tried to order some a couple of months ago and it redirected to a domain for sale page.
  8. If u have the animal tested. By the time the testing is complete your open window for vaccination is closed. Only have about 72hrs from exposure to get the shots. Once that door closes, I don't believe it can be reopened. Saliva is a major transmitter. ANY break in the skin can let it in. Cut, scratch, hang nail. Anything. When I was treated, I didn't think I needed to be. I wasn't bit but had the animal climbing my bare leg briefly. I was urged by the CDC to get treated. One minute scratch and droplet of saliva. BOOM. Done! She explained it like this. "100% of people that get exposed and get treated, recover with no signs of the disease. After 72hrs the virus takes hold, if you show any signs. It's too late". ATM it was 100% fatality. Now it's like 99% with a lifetime of drooling and crayons. They basically restart your brain.
  9. It can stay dormant in the system for years. Scary thing about rabies is up until recently it had a 100% mortality rate. What an awful way to go.
  10. I had to get them in 02. Rabid skunk went Cujo on my mom,sis, dog & me. Worse part of the ordeal was I had no insurance and the bill was 11k. Best part was it a great ice breaker with the cute neighbor, we've been together since.
  11. I say. Drive down to the beach. Find THAT kid that has the busted up handme down 1972 pushbutton rod with a spinning reel on it. Give it to them.
  12. Is there an insert in your bag? I bought this pretty cheap off ebay. Waxed it and made 2 tubes out of giant Tylenol bottles. And a 2lb PB jar for Gulp baits
  13. I made it so I could leave the bait and gear with my wife & kids if I went exploring. I have alot of pill bottles so I try to be creative. I also made a lil chum pot for scup fishing. thats a 5oz sinker. Bottle is about 4-5in long. I either cast it with the handline shown or clip it in my drop net.
  14. Sounds like my father. He had 2 pretty big grey wells. One had like 3 inches of stacked corrugated fiberglass sheeting on it. The other was a cap made from pallets and crappy chip board. Grass covered both and guess who found them on a riding mower. Thankfully the mass of yellow jackets kept me from falling thru!
  15. I remember that. I used to drive by that on my way to work everyday. I guy I worked with rented a garage there. Had no idea they convicted him.