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    Just ur basic dad. Forewarning. Have some memory issues so I may ask the same question or repeat myself.
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    Fishing, hunting & shooting.
    Love squirrel hunting.
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    School bus driver. Retired meatcutter

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    NW CT.

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  1. Thank u for the generous offer.
  2. That I wouldn't know. I only glazed thru it. But it's safe to safe say a heavy drinker from childhood probably has liver disease.
  3. If u havent tried scallop sushi/sashimi definitely should. I'm doing a raw marinated bay scallop, mussels & raw tuna medley for dinner tonight. I've discovered that Apple cider vinegar & soy sauce pair very well together. Some minced pickled ginger and a bit of Wasabi.
  4. Yeah. I Google Morgan Spurlock alcohol and he came out about it in a 2017 interview.
  5. Me either. Just read it a few days ago. People copy-catted his experiment and no one could produce the same results. Which turned out to be because of his alcohol intake throughout the experiment.
  6. I would have loved to been on board! That sounds exciting and awesome.
  7. PSeggs

    Species ID

    Yep. This thing took half a menhaden. Came off maybe 25-35 yds from the Jetty but on a shallow flat. Watching it swim towards me on the Jetty was kinda butt puckering! Never seen an eel like that before, we've caught some big eels. This thing was a monsta!
  8. Too bad his alcoholism skewed the results. Guy was drinking heavily from age 11. Like a 24pack a day
  9. F! GE!! They destroyed the Housatonic River from Mass to LIS. I can't eat a single fish.
  10. PSeggs

    Species ID

    Very cool!! Cool catches! I'm pretty sure I hooked a conger here in LIS one morning. It came off then swam at me and went right into the Jetty I was standing on. Freaking thing was a Beast!! Thick as my arm and 6ft+ long.
  11. The keys are such an interesting place.
  12. Looked it up. Not it. Much smaller maybe 1-200ft across & looked really deep. The fish we saw swimming were sw fish like small Cuda, reef fish & such. Also wasn't far inland. Maybe 100yds from the ocean.
  13. The water was salt and I don't believe alligators can handle salt for extended periods
  14. Yep. Go when u can. Even if it's not "the best time to go"
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