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  1. Never ate one. Do they have less tendons ? Lotta people don't know but you can remove them prior to cooking. Make a small slit just above the hock joint. Stick a metal rod in, sliding under the tendons. Spin the rod round and round and the tendons will pull down and out. If the feet are still attached, don't cut them off but snap them back and spin. It does it too. If u get them all you, can then manipulate the foot like a puppet by pulling the strings.
  2. Nice! Hows the water temps? Kids will be at a sleepover next weekend. Wife is suggesting we hit the shore.
  3. Never had eel raw for sushi. Always bbq
  4. They threatened to kill me in my sleep. Eta. Plus I'm back on my diet. Low fat, cholesterol, carb, & protein.
  5. I am.
  6. Rule 34 at the minimum.
  7. I get that. Eels were a summer favorite in my family. So my aversion is non-existent. My wife on the other hand. She'll levitate if we catch one.
  8. I have successfully eaten 90% of a 18lb turkey before the weekend was over. Rest of the family ate the other 10% I am sad now. I could eat turkey sandwhiches everyday.
  9. Wouldn't know. I cut the tape on my box o tree on Friday. Had the same one like 15+years now. How long does it take to grow one anyways? Seems like a horrible return on investment.
  10. Dunno about that. We've sat down and housed some eel sushi together.
  11. We walked thru a tree lot yesterday and most trees were tagged 100-120. This was Middlebury on rt64 thou. Smelled really nice.
  12. I'm ok with them.
  13. U serious?? U never ate an eel? There is a reason why they're almost endangered and it aint from bass fishin. Hint. It blows catfish outta the water. Treat em just like a catfish too. Skin em. Seasoned flour. Fry. White, flaky, & delicious
  14. Bbq eel with a teriyaki sauce or floured n fried