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  1. thanks, I watched that video before posting this. I decided to take the risk and used a vice to press it out... It came out unharmed. Idk what was holding it in but came out smooth with the vice.
  2. I'm trying to restore my dad's old spin fisher 712. I began taking it apart and all the internals look good, but I cannot get the main gear off. I've tried tapping it with a hammer, won't budge. I'm afraid if I push too hard I'll break it, could anything be holding this? I've removed all other parts, even the little spring piece that goes under the gear (thought maybe that was stuck on it) All the parts lol good, I just want to paint the case, clean the parts and throw some grease in it. Any suggestions? I can feel the gear wiggle a small amount, and spins fine. It just has a hard stop.