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  1. 1. White 2. Mac 3. Black
  2. Respectfully offer 30 for the squid?
  3. Love the Alan’s but, just interested in Mikes/ Plug Labs for this thread! Thank you though
  4. 1st BUMP: anyone got anything they are looking to part with?
  5. ill take the blue/ pink with custom eye please
  6. Looking for Plug Lab Grenades and Mikes Custom Ditch Witches, Swimmers and Gliders. Open to any colors but, would really be looking for whites, squids and mackerel colors)
  7. Never had a problem with powerpro but, after reading all the posts about people liking sufix, I’m gonna have to try that as well.
  8. Got out Saturday and caught limit (had to work for them though) off Nantucket sound... great day, lots of fish but size doesn’t seem to be there yet — week or so more and I bet it will really be on fire
  9. Congrats man! Beauty
  10. Looks like pike bait to me!
  11. Awesome ideas, I’m gonna see what I can rig up tomorrow AM!
  12. Not a bad idea- thanks for sharing !
  13. Only got a few trips to the canal on mine but, has worked flawlessly so far (knock on wood)
  14. totally going to have to try it. I got a 7weight switch rod (probably too small for stripers) I’ve messed with up in NY but just couldn’t get the hang of (doubt I had the right line or technique). But sounds awesome. Is line management easier too or the same? Like do you still use striping baskets on the beach with speys?
  15. Finally break a 40lber - that sure would make my year