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  1. How do you determine how an epoxy jig will ride ... they are symmetrical along the horizontal axis.
  2. I think buying used crap is a good idea ... when you finally hook a bass on one of those rusty jigs and the hook snaps, at least you didn’t waste your money on quality tackle.
  3. You should have a plan before you harvest any fish or mammal.
  4. Thank you ... send me your address.
  5. I would like to offer the $35.30 USPS MO Shipped for the (5) small 1/8oz Hopkins and the diamond jigs plus the Hooligan and the package of diamond jigs from the Assorted Lot. (Take the 2 ~ 3/4 oz Shortys out of this lot)
  6. Closing this down ... Thank you all for looking.
  7. WTS : Penn Torque 5 Bailless & Spare Spool ... both flawless in boxes. These are getting hard to find. $625 shipped Cont US USPS MO or $600 picked up near the Canal.
  8. Thought I sent this last night ... forgot to hit send ... no worries, just didn’t want to disrespect you. Your reputation is spot on ... I would have accepted fishtheeast’s offer for $575 picked up over a week ago but I would like to get what I have into it. Do you have a buddy that I can meet up with near the Canal and I would do the $600 picked up.
  9. Last attempt to move it here ... thanks for lookin’
  10. When the internet welcomed a bunch of glory seekers who’s main purpose is to post photos of small bass so the can call themselves “Sharpies”.
  11. I hate bailed reels and I like the way a VS feels ... I don’t care if it is sealed ... mine only get wet from tears when I’m not catching ... so I guess sealed “IS” better.
  12. Opening back up for the weekend ...
  13. Sure ... those spots used to be “the place “ back in the day from land ... just ask montauksharpie and blockislandsharpie. Now the three of you have to hit the Canal to “regularly” catch big fish from terra firma.
  14. Story of my life ..
  15. Already answered
  16. The Cape Cod Canal doesn’t fit the criteria for Spot Burn according to the definition provided but I understand where you are coming from ...
  17. When you make a Striped Bass fishing product in 2020 , you want to mention it in the same breath as the Canal. Crazy how many NY and NJ guys have Canal bikes and Canal setups ... 10 years ago they would have mentioned Block Island or Montauk.
  18. Closing down for now ... Thank you all for looking.
  19. Looks like patfont is out ... at least I learned it has the upgraded shaft.
  20. Hello patfont ... what do you think? Is it upgraded? I believe from my newly performed research that it is the upgraded shaft.
  21. No problem ... I believe it is upgraded.
  22. I looked it up on an old SOL thread ... I believe it is the upgraded shaft. I will confirm it when I get home. If it is , are you gonna be the new owner?
  23. Don’t know what that is, so I will say, No.