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  1. 2.5 & 3 oz and 7”
  2. WTS : Plug lot ... (2) LS69 Darters (Mack has a couple of small pointers from storage) and the Bernzy Commander in Squid appears to have been used ... minor hook rash and the finish has a run on the left side. Will not split ... $65 shipped Cont US payment USPS MO ... if you prefer PP please add $3
  3. Armand is a great guy ... hope he and his family are doing good. They were always a pleasure to be around at the shows.
  4. Are you referring to Armand? He made RI Poppers I believe ... made much more than Poppers.
  5. I don’t believe it is made of wood ... most likely fiberglass. Bamboo rods were most popular many years before that rod was built. Do a search on the auction site ... the sentimental value will far outweigh the monetary value on that rod.
  6. Thanks for sharing ...
  7. We just play Dr’s on TV ... Congrats of the new offspring.
  8. I believe the orientation of the book point is being overlooked by anglers and manufacturers alike. Look at the orientation of two of the most popular and proven single hook lures ... the Hopkins and the Kastmaster ... both present the hook perpendicular to the the lure body during the retrieve ... which is up or down ... not side to side. I’m going to date myself here but when the “Hammer” lure was all the rage for Albies ... the hook rode in the down position and very few fish were missed or dropped. When the point of the hook is riding on the lure body’s side, if the fish strikes the lure from the opposite side ... you may hook the fish but your chances of landing it are diminished due to a less than desired hookset. I have witnessed this two years ago when a friend dropped 4 out of 7 fish with inline hooks in the sideways orientation to the lure body. Maybe I’m wrong but if history tells the story then it’s something to consider.
  9. Not really ... I bet that is tip of the iceberg. The fear of running out of the hot jig is terrifying.
  10. I will get the info tomorrow ... Thank you
  11. Why would you ask any sort of medical advice from a pack of yahoos like us? Call the doctor and ask them ...
  12. Eagle Claw 254SS or 354SS if you can find them. You have used the 254’s for flies in the past I believe.
  13. Excellent point ...
  14. Definitely but a standard J hook requires only one split ring.
  15. Your screen name is Punch and you were afraid to get jumped ... c’mon man. Just kidding ... call the EPO’s
  16. I agree with you 100% on these hooks ... the 354ss has a larger eye ... if they are still available. The Inline hook rides 90 degrees out (side to side instead of up and down) and jeopardizes your chance of solid hookup.
  17. These swim similar to the rest of these style jigs . Slight wobble which causes a flash when retrieved a a quick pace. The slender shape allows the jig to be fished quickly without the rolling out like a wider profile bait. These cast amazingly well and they are fairly inexpensive and they catch ... three characteristics that are what I look for in a bait.
  18. That is a beautiful fish ... now I need to catch a Chub Mackerel. Did it put up a decent fight? Good luck with the rest of your trip.
  19. I’ll take these Bob
  20. Closing down ... Thanks for looking.
  21. In the Canal over the past several years ... Bluefish From the Beach in Massachusetts over the past 4-5 years .... Bluefish Historically .... Striped Bass ... no doubt about it. Where did all the Blues go ....
  22. They definitely work but I prefer the Gomoku jigs (no bend) which are also made by Williamson.
  23. Tin would ridiculously expensive for a sinker. Most likely 7X the cost of lead.
  24. Tin would ridiculously expensive for a sinker. Most likely 7X the cost of lead.