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  1. Best home fishing video ever ... it had it all ... hot chicks, amazing voice over work, great music selection and to top it off a beautiful bonefish. Very nice work ... very enjoyable to watch.
  2. I have waited much longer than 10 minutes on hold before I have given up ... there is no excuse for not returning an email assuming it was sent to the proper address. I am guilty of replying to Emails and when I read the small print it clearly stated don’t reply to this Email.
  3. I purchased a Yeti cooler early on ... I left the cooler open outside in the sun and the bottom of th cooler got all bumpy. I called them and told them what happened .... they sent me a replacement cooler in a different color that I requested and a return label to send the defective one back. Since then, I have purchased many Yeti products and honestly, I have been disappointed by the softsided cooler and the can/bottle holder but extremely satisfied with everything else.
  4. This is the exact reel I would recommend ... I like a bailless reel and this one can take a beating if that is what you want to do. I prefer an 8 foot rod for the 100 though. I am fond of the 150 on a 9 foot rod. I use both reels for Albies and the 150 picks up a little more line ... might be good for burning baits for musky. Still a little bit of a work out but manageable.
  5. No ... I stayed on hold. As I mentioned, I wouldn’t trust a call back system from anyone either.
  6. About an hour ago ... they supposedly have a system where you if don’t wish to wait , they will call you back ... never trusted those types of systems anywhere. I wish I didn’t waste my one lucky break on a phone call I guess.
  7. Placed an order an order with the understanding they are having system issues, I never got a confirmation email so I simply called them up and had a 5 minute wait ( my choice ... they would call back without losing spot in line) and the guy confirmed my order. If I think my order is taking longer than expected, I will call back. I have been dealing with TD in several ways for several years and I am confident they will take care of me eventually. My gripe with threads like this is the following ... if you are having an issue with a company ... call them up and explain the issues you are having. If they don’t treat you with the respect that you deserve and don’t try to resolve/explain the issues ... then by all means , post a thread and we call all vent on the subject ... We tend to overreact on here sometimes.
  8. Gonna pass ... Thank you for the offer ... you saved me from myself. Good luck with the sale.
  9. What is the going rate for a plug similar to the one on the left side?
  10. I’ll would like to offer $35 shipped for this and the Spook from the other thread.
  11. Thread closed thank you all ...
  12. WTS : NIP Capesams replica of Bluestreak Jr Skin Plug $130 shipped Cont US USPS MO ... $134 if you prefer PP
  13. Disregard ... Good Luck
  14. I’ll take these Bob ...
  15. We had the Whales this Spring and we have had the shark sightings in the past so Sagamore Beach is on target to host the next Jaws movie ...