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  1. You are dead on ... everyone needs to step up and think conservation. EVERYONE !!
  2. Not my responsibility to watch the budget ... you can be skeptical about every form of government but then you can’t expect change. Change is what is required to sustain this fishery.
  3. We pay for a beach pass if we want to drive/fish the beach so what is the difference with the Canal? Put the $$$ into enforcement.
  4. I live down the street from the Canal (spend a lot of free time there) and the guys from NY and NJ (at least the ones I know and speak with) don’t harvest fish ... they measure,photograph and release. They don’t want to baby sit the fish.
  5. I would say in the Canal C&R fishermen would depend on where you come from ... locals are much much more likely to kill a fish than a visiting angler ... I believe it is more driven by economics. The angler who travels is more likely to have the financial resources to release a fish ... don’t require it for food or profit. The other aspect is a visitor won’t carry a fish back home to show it off where a local will.
  6. I got slammed in a July thread about a similar idea ... grabbed the wrong post from night owl ... it was the one just above this one.
  7. Winnebago Revel ... saw one this Summer. Serious Inquiries only .... $$$
  8. Bump this up ... any first hand experience with beach driving? Been out for a while now.
  9. I hate these types of threads ... if someone actually believes they have an issue, I would think that you would contact TimS before the public humiliation tactics ... this is a major advantage over the FB pages ... This used to be more of a Community ... I used to tell my wife ... these guys treat each other better than they treat their families ... I guess those days are gone. Sometimes life gets in the way of fishing and I guess shipping plugs so I tend to be a little more patient with things as I matured ... as we get a little older, interruptions unfortunately come around more often. Jdr doesn't frequent the page as much lately but if you check out his profile, you should figure out something about him and his history.
  10. I did ... they are working on it. A few guys field tested it with good reviews but they are currently focused on stocking levels of their current products. Doesn't appear to be in production for 2019 but who knows if they get enough interest.
  11. This rumor comes up almost quarterly ... once again, wouldn't it be nice to call the company to check their status before putting doubts into a potential customers mind. This is an unfair practice that could damage any companies reputation. I just called and they are doing fine and no plans on going anywhere.
  12. Is this first hand information or internet rumor?
  13. Not the case ... I bet his friends did.
  14. I have solid info that he walked unscathed .... you don't poach fish only once ... it is a way of life.
  15. White man would have been let go on the scene ... saw it happen first hand. The older guy kept two good size bass and EPO caught him with the bass in his possession and let him go. The laws do not pertain to everyone unfortunately.