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  1. Has anyone tried the VMC 9626CB … this is their Coastal Black finish. Sounds like it should be an option
  2. Less than half as effective in the fog.
  3. For their table quality …
  4. You can say the same thing about every rubber bait out there … people see an opportunity to make a few $$$ with little to no investment and they hop on. Same can be said about wooden lures and jigs …
  5. No doubt several years but it isn’t a new design as depicted …
  6. So apparently you never heard of the Maria lure …
  7. Another source for resin/epoxy jigs found in China … I’m waiting for the Van Staal version to come out.
  8. Wow … the ones I bought were $3.99 at Dicks in a big box quite a while ago. Good luck with the sale. The floating ones, I did pay $13 on MV in the 90’s … those are my favorites.
  9. $40 shipped for the (4) Green Mackerel & (2) Orange/Gold little MagMinnows … USPS MO ?
  10. I was with you until the “my jetty” comment …
  11. Your buddy Josh held one at ICAST … what was his impression … he is in the business, he should know what the differences are besides the color and the knob.
  12. They are too fancy to actually use but imagine the attention you could grab if you you rolled up with these pliers and your Gold VS lefty bailed even if you aren’t a lefty.
  13. The reason is simple … A sucker is born every minute.
  14. You would think they invented fire … the hype machine was in overdrive. I will wait until they are on clearance for $150 before I acquire a pair of them. At that time, I most likely be going through a midlife crisis. I will pick them up in my newly purchased vintage IROC Z28 wearing my Do-Rag to conceal my apparent signs of aging.
  15. I am/was a big fan of Ande Premium in green. It is supple and yet it is durable. I was actually thinking of going back to it for Albies … 10lb for it's stretching characteristics.