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  1. The original YoZuri Surface Cruisers were made out of PolyFoam ... great plugs but finish wasn't robust ... not sure if the foam was not solid enough to support the finish.
  2. DMag Lava Pencil for the pair ... New
  3. Heddon Spinning PAL was a bailless light tackle spinning reel in the 50’s.
  4. Not even a little ...
  5. I'll do that ... Thread closed ... P.M sent ... Thanks All
  6. Black Talon ,.. Luna
  7. I’ll post some stuff later today ... Thank you for your interest
  8. Sure what interests you ? Tbone , BM , etc .. Type of plugs?
  9. Anything to offer to go along with it?
  10. New Lava Pencil for a pair of 2019 Luna Mackerel Pencils ... Green Mack & Mack in photo .... etc 2 for 1 ...
  11. I’ll take the Bernzy lot
  12. A good distance setup should take into consideration which reel /line and lure that you are going to use. 1 1/2 to 2 oz is a lot of lure to be using for Albies ... I generally only use such lure on large beaches with tons of current ... like Wasque point on MV. I have used 9’ Lami’s with ZB22 and 30 lb Samurai with great success ... I would look at the Black Hole Rods as well as Lami and ever the Okuma Rockaway ... I have the 11’ light version and I used it with a VSX159 this Fall quite a bit ... I wouldn’t go over 1 1/4 oz with the light version.
  13. I’ll take these Bob
  14. Most guys take way too long to release fish as is ... properly photographing a fish for a contest will prolong the release. If you do participate, image the cheating that will take place ... the MV Derby is a kill tournament and they battle cheating continually. I am surprised that OTW wants to deal with a tournament ... they could still have an event without a tournament.
  15. Not right now ... unless something pops up.