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  1. Sorry I snapped at you brother ... this is a subject that I am sensitive to. It is encouraging that there are some Bonito around this year but I'm sure nobody knows what is in store for the future of this fishery. The strange thing is that they appear to be on the small side this season ... still good though.
  2. These fish are targeted ... the guys I saw fishing wer trying to catch them with the sabiki rigs. They had no intentions on releasing them. The mortality rate is 100% when they hit the bucket ... I'm sure it would be much better if they were released. I'm not convinced Striped Bass could catch them in their natural environment ... they are lightning fast. They are much slower with a hook in them.
  3. This year has been a much more productive Bonito year then in the past but you definitely need to check your facts ... 21 Shore Bonito have been weighed in 9 days. You will not see the effects of this recent harvesting of the Juvenile Bonito for a year or two. I believe history should have showed us that careless management of resources doesn't end well for that species.
  4. I'll be honest ... I was waiting for you to chime in. It seems that if you target these fish you have a much greater respect for them.
  5. I agree with you ... a small harvest is the responsible thing to do.
  6. We are supposedly all responsible adults here .... if we need regulations to do the “right” thing then it is a very sad day. By now we should all be aware of the effects of excessive harvesting. Enjoy them while you can ...
  7. That is more than fair ... please PM me your info. Thank you ...
  8. Shore ... saw you trolling with dog somewhat close to shore a week or so ago and today you were zipping around
  9. Must have been you ... I saw you with the dog a couple of weeks ago I think. BLack dog?
  10. Bluefish ....
  11. So isn't juvenile Striped Bass and juvenile Cod but we don't use them ...
  12. Hopefully baby Bonito gives you the ....
  13. P.M. Is your tin boat a tan color? Might I have seen you on the water this morning?
  14. Let them swim ... gamefish ... not a baitfish
  15. Would you consider $20 shipped for the pair?