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  1. $48 shipped for the (2) Blast Needles ?
  2. 1 -7 1-2
  3. Shore or boat? I bet it was from the boat . South side of Cape used to be spectacular year after year from the shore.
  4. Shore Bluefishing has been pathetic for the past 5 years here in Massachusetts but Striped Bass had been amazing in the Canal ... If you focus on one area for each fish you are not really understanding the fishery. Both species are in trouble. Spoke with a marine biologist for the State of Massachusetts last season and he was having a tough time collecting 100 bluefish for his study from a boat ...
  5. The only difference between the bass situation and the bluefish situation is that people care about the Striped Bass.
  6. Offer $25 for the (3) Orange Gags Poppers.
  7. That is very cool ... good to be appreciated sometimes.
  8. It doesn’t spin that much or line twist would be a major problem. Think if it as a stretched out Kastmaster ... flats tend to be up and down. Some folks take the swivel off ... concerned about hardware ... I’m not concerned.
  9. Never had an issue getting in touch with them ... even while other were complaining about getting through. Service is always good for me.
  10. I also feel that Kingsford briquettes have changed over the years .... they don't seem to burn as long or as hit as I recalled over the years ... a couple of years ago I acquired a small bag of "old stock" Kingsford and it burned like I imagined it should. They could have changed the formula for cost issues or environmental issues. I like the Trader Joe's briquettes but the bag is small and the cost is kinda high.
  11. I'll take these if hobobob passes.
  12. We need to get the Japanese interested in Seal ... once the are on it they will just about drive it to extinction. The objective is to formulate a recipe for Seal Sushi that has the same effects as Viagra or cures a cold and the Japanese will be all over it. Maybe it will divert their attention from the whales.
  13. Thanks again ... weird how the southern siblings don’t show the same issues ... plenty of species to eat them down south.
  14. Thank you for the info . Do they have any idea why the Weakfish can’t survive past one year?
  15. Another example of why there needs to be changes in the Derby regulations.