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  1. i would love for just one of them to post up a video of anything they consider one of their rallies from the past few years. just one example do they consider BLM rallies an example? antifa rallies?
  2. typical tactic of the left they have no topical knowledge and can't debate so they either throw up a wall and refuse to converse or conjure up feelings because you can't debate feelings.
  3. True. And it's even worse than that.
  4. *edit-way out of line, even slanderous.

    I love when the truth slithers out.
  6. should have happened 20 years sooner.
  7. the virtue signaling is hilarious. i have a friend who actually has a stylish kitchen towel hanging on the handle of his oven that says "Notorious RBG". this is the problem with cancel culture. since no human is perfect, they'll eventually have to cannibalize their own. so the only way to spare RBG on the altar of cancel culture is to bastardize her quotes. these people are pathetic and mentally deranged.
  8. this is it. if someone were selling a product that they insisted everyone on the planet should get, how confident would people be to get it if they said, "oh yeah, but if anything goes wrong, i am not legally liable." you would be a sucker if you bought that product. stuff can and will go wrong. that's why there's lemon laws, consumer protection laws, etc. but to suspend liability for something you inject in your body, where the complete list of ingredients is unavailable? that's a hard pass for me, dawg.
  9. imagine that...having discussions on a discussion forum.
  10. you couldn't if you tried. your lack of functional knowledge would become quickly apparent and succeed in nothing more than irritating me. so i can assure you that the feeling is mutual. but take that brain comment to heart. that's a freebie from me to you. let's hope that seed planted bears fruit in time.