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  1. Can you meet at the ocean state job lot? If you can I’ll take it and we can work out when.
  2. I’m interested in it. What reel did you have on it?
  3. I’ll take it for $45
  4. $40 picked up close to Wareham
  5. George if you split things out I’d be interested in your sp minnows and this NB. Thanks Rudy
  6. I’m interested as well if it doesn’t work out with the first person in line? Interested in any of these or a combo?
  7. Trade with lurejunkie complete. Available plugs now are: BK pencil Left hook eelie Gibbs unknown spook
  8. That’s fine. For the 5 spinnerbaits I will number them on the pics.
  9. I like all of them but these are my favorite. In preference is topwater the 4 strike king pic the 4 of the classic group spinners pic
  10. I will pick some out that I like the most.
  11. Yes the xrap is available as well. So all those you mentioned are available. What are you offering for them?
  12. I like those as well. So what so what is your offer and for what plugs of mine?
  13. This is the yellow wax wing I was talking about. I put it next to the other one already pictured. And a used xrap.