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  1. Not convinced its necessary but it can be useful (mind you i dont think live bait is much fun so) the old shimano has always been good to me. The spinfishers seem pretty solid aswell. even got a friend who swears by his fierce 3 live liner, but hes got a few screws loose anyway so take it with salt.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I am relatively new, i've fished for a while but was mostly just going through the motions and have only really given any thought to what I'm doing the past year or two. I use both bait and lures which is in part why I was leaning towards the lc spinners. Has more versitility for me and can swap rods depending on where i go/ what i need. Historically i mosly fished the cape but now nj though is still spend time fishing cape cod in the summers and suspect will spend some time in the outer banks this coming season. The weight isn't a huge deal when it comes to the Penn for me I often use a 3rd gen 7500ss and have used a 65 slammer iii which is the same weight as ssvi lc without too much hurt. In time im sure but for the moment im not worried. I understand the points about wading and about but depending on what I need standing in thigh deep water on a sand bar in the Nantucket sound is gonna get MY bait/plug closer to the fish than i can get it from the beach. Especially depending on the weight of what im throwing. As I keep working on it an improving my cast that will change but that will take time and so for the moment i need to work with what I got. On that same note as far as buying distance You are absolutely right. I'm not fooling myself into thinking that buying a new reel is gonna give me an extra hundred yards but my current surf reel has mono and piss poor line lay and am hoping thinner line, better line lay, and a wider spool will give me a better cast even if only by a few feet. I feel like i need an upgrade and am just trying to get the best for the money. Thank you all for the replies I appreciate it very much. Thinking ill place an order on a 6500ssvi tomorrow seems to be the best combination of everything for me. Cheers.
  3. Jigging world Shadow Surf
  4. Been working on my technique a lot lately but still can't always get it where I need it. Soo i've decided ill either get a longcast (probably ssvi 65/7500 or maybe a ULTEGRA XTC), or an 11ft casting rod for one of my conventional reels. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with both and how distance compares. How would the level wind affect distance. Should i use the one without the LW. Would prob end up using mono on the conventional reel at least to start so how will that change things. I think i'm inclined to get a longcast reel because i think id be more willing to wade in which would give me a good extra bit of distance and maybe a cheep casting rod cause i think i want to learn. But any thoughts welcome.
  5. I still don't understand all the rigged and fraud claims. Most of the fraud claims have been disproven in court. And i keep seeing how observers weren't allow inside but that also isn't the claim his legal team is making. The most prominent claim is that they weren't allowed close enough to effectively observe but this was because of social distancing and which was ultimately ruled in the campaigns favor.