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  1. Would you ship STIN902MLFS? Zip is 67210
  2. Long shot , but I’m looking for a shimano tackle backpack . Will have to be shipped . thanks In Advance
  3. Can I get full spec on the gl2, and also shipping quote to 67210
  4. Dm coming
  5. Respectfully offer $300 shipped.
  6. I’d tKe lot 1 for $80 shipped
  7. Lot1 if the deal fall thru .
  8. What’s the weight on these ?
  9. LT
  10. I’m looking at the certate right now I don’t know which one to get kinda leaning toward 4 k but since I’m upgrading from 4K stradic fl . But you said 5k is smoother now Idk what to get lol
  11. Looking for buy a daiwa certate size 4-5k.
  12. that’s a little over my budget so I’m going to keep my eyes open see if anything else will pop up . Thank you
  13. Yeah I’m looking for med or med light , I already have 1/2-2 .thanks anyways
  14. Man only if this was med or med heavy I would’ve snatch it GLWS
  15. 1/4-3/4? Can I see some pics and how much do you want for it shipped