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  1. I just looked at it. It looks nice and the lure range fit my description, now I got another contender on the chart
  2. @sandbag1 so you use them as trailer ?
  3. My condolences to your family man
  4. This ^ I still set the hook on circle hook sometimes by accident lol sometimes you just get too excited
  5. Try the Okuma bait feeder trio
  6. Yah 5000 shimano should be good size, or 4K bg , I also have a Okuma baitfeeder trio . If I gotta pick I. Between I’ll get the BG .BUT if you’re going after carp and rely the bait feeding function. The Okuma ain’t bad . Their s drag is actually smoother than the BG imo
  7. J braid lol
  8. What’s fat cow jigging strips lol
  9. @Reed422 and also If I do get the Suzuki I’ll probably go with the 10ft, because I do throw like 1/2 oz buck sometimes and the most I ever go is 2oz
  10. Yeah I don’t pop pencils and stuff like most of the guys here. I only fish in a spill way and most of the time I be using bucktails and swim bait. Too water occasionally. But yeah I definitely want a light rod to pair with a stradic . As of rn it cost about the same if not less then the dark matter I’m eyeing, but I can snatch it for $180 I would get it within a heart beat lol.
  11. @MTLthat sounds good, imma try it out tonight ! I’ll let you know the result
  12. seems like everybody is on board with the OB. but i do want more opinions on the DNA and the SUZUKI too before i pull the trigger
  13. thanks scoob, yeah i was seriously consider the OB . it's onsale right now for 250 i think. it seems to be really light which i want. but my concern is that it only have 1 yr warranty, and of course the short butt.
  14. Does anyone have any tip on adding a trailer hook on bucktails ? and also do you add plastic on bucktails ?
  15. Lol just hook a couple of dollar bills . I’m sure you’ll get some