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  1. At the water line, that rock becomes a vertical wall. After going there at low tide with some surf, you can really see what's below the water line. The trough of the wave unveils the rocks below. It's pretty much a wall below the water line. If I went in the water off those rocks, I think I would rather tread water till help came than try climbing back up.
  2. after rereading I see the neck gasket is neoprene. if thats the case, based on what I was taught about dry suits, your suit would be a semi-dry. A full dry suit would have a latex or similar rubber gasket. I know latex and rubber gaskets can be modified, but unsure about how you would work with the neoprene gasket.
  3. I used to paddle whitewater and while I never had this issue, it was a common problem in the whitewater kayaking community. Stretching and trimming the gaskets is common. It is also possible to replace them, and if I remember correct, you can get larger sizes.
  4. Tight lines, Bill!
  5. I saw a picture on another site of a Meanmouth caught in, I believe, New Hampshire.
  6. I've heard of a guy getting his tackle AND vehicle taken for fishing a mostly private and protected Trout stream in Rhode Island.
  7. I've gotten a nice bunch of Bass this season with several around 16 inches. The high lights have been a 20 inch fish through the ice and a 6 pound fish this spring with a swimbait.
  8. I have 40 or 50 pound Suffix 832 on my swimbait reel. I use Berkley Big Game 20, 30, and 40 pound mono for a leader depending on what lure I'm fishing with and what the target is. I use either a blood knot or uni-to-uni knot for tying leader to braid.
  9. I've caught Sea Robins on swimming plugs, topwaters, bucktails, tins, AND soft plastics. I've seen them blitz. It was epic.
  10. I keep my boxes in a larger box, stacked on their side like a filing cabinet. I have 5 tackle trays lined up inside the tote box and have space on one end for other odds and ends, smaller boxes that are ready to fish, etc. I found keeping soft plastics in a shoe box works great for me. The freshwater bait packs fit perfectly, the bigger swimbaits and saltwater plastics are in a boot box. I'm planning to set up a second tote box with more tackle trays so I can be better organized. I have too many lures in each tray and need to divide them up a bit better. I also use another tote box to carry my gear to my car. Boots, waders, tackle, and anything else I need that will fit goes in the box. It goes a long way to help keep the car clean!
  11. Typically, you would use a mono leader on a topwater lure.
  12. I would replace it with a new one. I used one briefly and had sinking issues pretty quickly. I also made some out of mono line, just twisting it by hand. They worked pretty good when fresh but quickly picked up memory if I stored them coiled up. Both thread and mono furled leaders would spray water everywhere, too. I had not thought to use a floatant on it though... That might change things. Over a year of use, you definitely got your moneys worth! I ended up throwing out my furled leader because the tippet ring was roughed up and suspected it might cut my tippet. I ended up tying my own mono leaders after that. I like it because its cheap and I can quickly modify the leader by changing tippet lengths. I have a fixed butt section of plain mono tapering 30lb>20lb>15lb and just adjust lengths and tippets to what I need to turn over the flies and get a good presentation.
  13. Danco makes replacement cutters.
  14. I just got that Guy Cotten top about 2 weeks ago and it's a game changer.
  15. I really enjoyed Striper fishing with my freshwater swimbait combo. I used a Dobyns Fury 795SB and an Abu Ambassadeur C4 4600 to throw 1-2 ounce plugs and bucktails. Dealing with tendonitis in my left wrist has made me switch back to a left hand retrieve spinning combo, but I had better strike detection with the casting combo, especially while bucktailing. If I was going to throw bait I would go with a larger baitcasting combo with a clicker.