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  1. how is the maintenance on them ? how often do you send them to get serviced?
  2. Hey everybody, has anybody ever used a popper for king mackerel and if so what kind are you using?
  3. oh no deposit?!
  4. so how long is the wait do you think if you order one from the website? i’m a lefty so i feel like finding one used would be pretty hard
  5. if you are thinking of getting a new rod, i would look into century rods! they have some really nice light weight that bend really well!
  6. i’ve heard really good things about the spin fisher, i do not own one but after i heard all of the good reviews i think it would be a good choice .
  7. i heard ordering one can take forever to get! is that why most people buy used?
  8. i wouldn’t email them... i would call, you might be on the phone for awhile though waiting for a reply! i sometimes wait 2 hours . i have never ever received a reply by email though.
  9. Thanks everybody! it is such a hard choice and i see people with both Z and VS and no matter what people always say go with them which makes it hard to actually pick one! i guess a little more research wouldn’t hurt but i feel like regardless you are going to get a good water proof reel
  10. i have used both and have not noticed a huge difference but still prefer the super slick 8
  11. would love to catch a blue marlin
  12. just got mine a few weeks ago and honestly i was worried about the washer and the play of the arm but after having it and looking at it for myself i haven’t had any problems with it!
  13. daiwa BG
  14. i usually just do a little rinse with freshwater and have never had any issues !
  15. I use tackle direct pretty frequently and unfortunately you have to wait on the phone for like 2 hours before someone finally answers but once they do, they usually help solve whatever problem i have ever had.