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  1. Cold water = unkind fish. Could barely manage baby fish, much less anything decent. What a strange May weather pattern. Best of luck to ya'll going out tomorrow....
  2. Sorry you rep NJ, Tim. Honestly I was surprised MD didn't run down the same road.
  3. What the heck. Now I'm dumb curious.
  4. See any bait or birds? If smaller I'd guess blues, but clearing 3 feet puts these in a special category.
  5. For all of you that think fg's take forever - try doubling up your braid, winding it around pinky/ring, (starting with the tag/mainline ends) then use thumb/index to open up the looped end and apply tension. Keep your line loop taut by pushing your fingers opposingly, then wind your leader over/under as FG's require. Using your other hand/mouth, you can lace up even long knots very quickly. Hitch, tighten, finish as preferred and test your results. If I can find the video I learned it from I'll post the description. This method helped me learn the knot, and I don't honestly see how anyone could tie it another way.
  6. Uhhhhhhhh Too early for cobia I think. Sure it wasn't small dolphins?
  7. I had this exact issue with my 5k. Unfortunately I was the secondary owner - thus no warranty. I called about it and eventually got worked around to a discount on the whole handle assembly. I'd definitely call em about it and see what they'll do for you.
  8. Why does the weather keep turning garbage every friday? Last two weekends have been so much uglier than they coulda been.
  9. **** this wind. No bunker, no spots, no whiting on the eastern shore. Small bass though, and the weather has certainly turned.
  10. This is technically a May report, but @ASrod is hiding somewhere, so it gets posted here. East bay shoreline has small perch, small bass, and occasional skates. The bass are fairly healthy, no racers, but I haven't connected to larger fish either. Good luck with the trophies peeps
  11. Get a decent sized (30+ Liter) hiking pack. (Osprey, Kelty, REI won't break the bank, can be used elsewhere, good warranties. Osprey also includes raincovers for a lot of their packs, very handy.) Good quality, internal/external frame doesn't much matter. Sand poles are stored inverted, inside the pack, along the widest inner walls. Rods are carried, but keep those minimal. 2 is solid. Small box or even a heavy-duty ziploc for your chunking supplies, extra leader/rig material, another box/surfpouch for your plugs/jigs, either a stringer + trashbag for fish, or a freezer bag (not recommended but idk how burly you are, or how your terrain is). Nalgene of course, small bucket isn't necessary if you can catch bait on-site, but it is nice for trash/fish/random objects. Tips wise: removing reels from rods is great for dealing with brush - the line/reels make it so much harder to navigate. Kneepads for jetties, shears instead of knives, raingear always. If ya want more advice from someone with chops/videos - look up "Gido's land based fishing" on YT. The man defines extreme aussie fishing.
  12. Jerry brown? Maxcuatro? It's definitely an 8-strand right?
  13. Right. Some people just a buy a ticket and go for the experience. But dbag wants to "ensure a good time."
  14. A blood sport at its reddest. We all love fishing, but it's got as much ugly as good. Hard to point fingers too, regarding conservation or leaving a share for generations to come. I've been guilty of thinking of fish as trash, or over-catching bait. Hell I tortured fish plenty as a kid. Retrospect is easy, but we all have selfish moments in the back pockets. That said - where is the line between mistreating fish and poaching the future?
  15. Of course not. I wonder how that bit of legislature was approved. On a case of this scale however, the complicence of the charter is bound to be questioned, no? What argument could a captain reasonably make that their mates have been completely unaware of hundreds of overage fish being kept.