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  1. Aha. So that's the difference. I only remember seeing the longcasts then.
  2. Oh well, that'd be why.
  3. Wait they make x-raps with a stock treble? I thought they only came with singles. Or maybe that's a recent change....
  4. I haven't used those hooks personally, but maybe it's the size that's offputting. Don't even start me on the split rings....
  5. Seriously. Looks like mackerel hardware, wouldn't want a decent blue/bass/drum hitting on those stock hooks and rings.
  6. @ksong do you have any youtube clips of the new 10'6" Striped Bass Special 1-6 oz? I only see clips of the 3/4-4 oz prototype
  7. Man that hardware looks gun shy
  8. Yeah sweet's a little more volatile rn. The bay side fish'll just hunker down and keep quiet a day. I'm gonna try getting out thurs night, bigguns should still be around.
  9. No dice on the trout front, they're moving very differently from last year. Managed a nice bass while trying for some of those early drum however....
  10. Bit far to go there and back, but I'll keep it in mind, thanks.
  11. I was gonna make a subtle ask as to where you were finding peelers during these times, but if you're buying by the multiple dozens I'm suddenly disinterested....
  12. You fishing those peelers quartered, halved, what? That's a lotta baits
  13. This is a good picture of you for once. Clearly, your lady took it.
  14. Cortland sells their master braid in 12 strand 130 and 200lb weight. .026 and .036 in respectively. 150, 200, and 300 yd spools for small amounts. 1200, 1500, 2500, 3500 yd for larger spools.
  15. Went out eastern shore today for a sunset jaunt. Shorty stripers for me, saw some trout and the first big red pulled up by crab-tossers.