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  1. Anyone have any thoughts on waiting for a visser to be in stock or get a vr50?
  2. could you do 80?
  3. is it registered with st. croix already?
  4. I agree its a versatile beach rod. Has its pros and cons
  5. they are just busy and covid is messing stuff up. you'll get your stuff in no time.
  6. This is my go to as well. Great combo
  7. 7 foot st croix mojo inshore mh 3000 stradic works wonders for me
  8. I'll have to try a rag next time, I used to just pull until it was out.
  9. I like that idea. Thanks
  10. The coil hoses definitely give you better pressure in mho. The expanding is just nice for the size and can be put away easily.
  11. If you have some in your freezer I would never keep another fish but once the freezer is empty keep it.
  12. nice catch!
  13. Its the worst its been in the 20 years weve lived on the river
  14. good work, that looks nice!
  15. if you dont have a lathe what would be a good starter plug
  16. For a 400 dollar reel I feel like this many problems shouldn't be happening
  17. Fat Cow jigging strips work great too
  18. Frog toggs also make super good rain gear. Layers never hurt either with a good shell.
  19. That looks nice! Great Job. Need to get my hands on something like that