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  1. Any update? Was also looking into getting some.
  2. I want to take a couple friends (4 - 5 people in total) fishing but don’t know many charters on long island. Also, how much on average does the trip run you? Would really appreciate it. The last time I took the guys fishing we got skunked, so I’m kind of staying away from party boats. Also because there aren’t many full day trips since it’s the summer.
  3. Anyone having luck on the SS beaches? Want to get out there before the full moon and also after it. Also, is anyone still hitting the backside of RM for blues/fluke/weakies? I’ve only hit the open beach, but wanted to try the other side out.
  4. Amen to that, I’ve pretty much not gone surf casting for the past month. Disappointed to hear that things may be dying out- wanted to try my luck this weekend.
  5. Was wondering if I could just pair it with a gloomis pro blue and use it for ocean sea bass. Any experiences using it in such applications?
  6. I’m genuinely curious if anyone has pulled out decent fish from the sound this season. I’ve been on several fluke trips and literally haven’t gotten one keeper size fish yet. South shore has also been tough but there have been good size fluke coming up recently. Any reports? Any chance this week’s warm weather lights things up?
  7. Do the big blues ever circle back or anything? I got into some of them in late may but overall it was a pretty lousy run. Shinnecock and west end were like the only places consistently holding fish.
  8. So I’m going on a night trip for stripers/blues/weaks on a party boat, and was wondering what to tie on. I was just thinking a jighead (1-2 oz? I have no idea) with a soft plastic. Of course I’ll switch if my bait is getting torn by blues. I surf fish so I’m familiar with blues, but have never targeted weakfish. Do I just cast out, let the jig sink, and retrieve? Or sort of jig it on the bottom? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Forgive me if I’m being impatient, but is it normal for the surf scene to be as quiet as it has been? Just started surf fishing seriously last fall. Do I need to be leaving the house way earlier than I have been? Can’t figure them out and the slipgut does not help, it’s been here for sooo long.
  10. So I want to get my friend on some fish as well as some meat, so I'm looking for a half day trip preferably at a good price. Also looking for a place fairly close to me, so nothing in Brooklyn or anywhere near that. I live in Nassau county. The only nearby party boat going out for porgies is the celtic quest, but my friend doesn't want to cough up $72. No ling boats either, please. Fluking is ridiculously slow, as I just came back from a trip near Montauk. Anyways I think I just listed all my options but if anyone could help, thanks!
  11. I have the Tsunami Classic 6'6 MH and according to John Skinner, it is capable of bouncing up to 2 oz bucktails. When I need more weight I switch to a popcorn rig, and so I was wondering if this rod can handle 3+ oz of led. I'm fishing the ocean around 55 - 90 ft of water. Should I just go with a spinning outfit with the rod rated at 3/4 - 2 oz? I'll be fishing off a party boat so I prefer using the conventional.
  12. Was wondering if the tsunami classic 7’ MH can handle bouncing chicken rigs with more than 3 oz of led. Only used the rod like twice and it definitely has a lot of backbone, but i dont know its limits.
  13. I need to switch something up because I cannot catch fish. South shore bay, fished after sunrise, one 10” fluke that hit an Al Gags whip it eel. I’ve been hitting the same bay pretty much the past few weeks because the ocean was difficult to fish. Should I turn my attention to the ocean and inlet about now? Things look pretty dead out there too.
  14. Do you think the black hole challenger 701L is capable of bouncing as light as 1 oz up to 3-6 oz sinkers? I used it all last year for fluke but never used heavy jigs. Love the rod though!
  15. I’m having trouble deciding which rod to bring (can only bring 1) for ocean fluking. Fishing around 40-80 ft of water and on a calm day you can get away with 1.5 oz. I like to bucktail but I switch over to a chicken rig when I need around 3+ oz. I feel that the tsunami classic MH will be terrible bouncing nearly 4 oz of led, but will be great for bucktailing; however, I’m not confident that I will be able to hold bottom all day with 1.5 oz. Or, I can take the pro blue 843 (rated 12-25 lb) and just go heavy. Never really figured out the sweet spot for the gloomis. My last option is a spinning blackhole challenger 701L. Any advice would be great.