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  1. I was wondering when white crabs show up around piers/docks. I know they’re here during April or so.
  2. SS inlet, saw a pod of bunker(im guessing) getting destroyed on top. J out of range, no matter what I threw. They were feeding with boats going left and right, lasted a while before some guy went right through em and were no longer visible.
  3. Has togging from shore slowed down on the north shore as well? Had one fish the entire day, right at 16”- went back. God what a slow day
  4. Went togging again- got my ass kicked. Super light bite and the baby sea bass were wreaking havoc on my crab. Managed a 16” that went back. Very eh day.
  5. Water is still super dirty, and even the blackfish were hesitant to take a crab. Tried two different spots, they just didn’t feel like eating. Kinda surprised me just cause of how good the bite has been this year, but then again its assumed that tog have trouble finding the bait in dirty water. Trying again tomorrow!
  6. I’ve left them in a bucket with a moist towel and they’ve been fine for up to a week. Could probably go longer, I’ve had no problems doing it this way. You just have to make sure to get rid of the dead ones. If I need to keep them longer, I put in a fish carcass so that they dont rip each other’s claws and legs off. Also, dont pack them super tight- that messes them up over time, and could also lead to burnt fingers.
  7. I've been togging off the beach for the past couple of weeks now, action's been good. Feel like water temps are still hovering around 60 (correct me if im wrong), but should be dropping with the recent weather. Just trying to get in as much fishing time as possible while they're still in shallow. Also, what length rods do you guys use off the beach/rocks? I've been using my 9ft Genesis but unless I hook something decent, it's not much fun and it's also uncomfortably long. I don't cast far for them, would 7'8 suffice? The area I fish is super prone to fish running you into a rock, which is why I've been using something long.
  8. Let me take a wild guess, somewhere along the central/east south shore? Have a friend who told me things have really lit up the past day.
  9. Woke up late and had a dozen or so greenies in the truck, so I headed to the SS to try for some blackfish. Fun, consistent action and took this guy home for dinner. All this while standing next to poachers keeping 11 inch tog. Pretty terrible that such a slow growing fish is one of the most poached.
  10. People fishing as far as the eye can see, saw one guy pull in a schoolie. Went for blackfish in various spots, had a few at 14/15 inches. As per usual every tog season, saw some Chinese guys poach a few babies. I don't get it man..
  11. On my way out, saw a guy no older than 18 stuffing short blackfish into his tiny cooler. Wanted to say something but it wouldnt have made him put it back, and i dont need to waste my time with poachers. Called dec after. They never really do anything tbh. At least for the area i fish.
  12. Probably early for a day bite but I’ll report back in a couple hours. Gonna hit the ocean for the first time this season, hope my waders still fit. Nothing this morning btw
  13. the covid effect, tbh. reduced work hours, layoffs, more time on their hands, and the intriguing idea of “free” fish. this combined with social media and pure ignorance = a **** show of the bucket brigade
  14. I too love fishing my quiet back bay spots at 4am while these individuals cackle and yell at each other for no ****in reason. Are they seriously out there at those hours just to soak clam and party like its a saturday night? Kills me man, kills the vibe.
  15. north or south?