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  1. Also just noticed I had a slam, not an OBX slam bc no red...but speck, flounder, and blue. Also, anyone in the future doing research, I saw my bites and landings drop in half without using a leader off the little bridge for speckled trout. 10lb white braid, 20 fluoro with a zman trout trick was the ticket.
  2. Glass calm water Wednesday and Thursday, made the flatness of nags head very apparent. Tough out on the surf, but I did get a blue to bite a bucktail under the full moon which was an experience lol. Wednesday we hit Jeanette's pier w/ the baby, only for an hour but managed a few spot and one speck, had to downsize my hooks. Never fished a concrete pillar pier do you loose shrimp as soon as it hits the water. Thursday got to head down to the new Bonner bridge pier, again concrete pillar, shrimps gone. But I talked to a guy that had luck there with sheep and tog. Will try next trip with bottom sweepers and crabs. Got a couple short flounder w/ a voodoo shrimp which was cool. Hit the little bridge this morning, trout on soft plastic and caught a baby blue lol. Tough on the surf and no reds, but for a family trip I'll take the mixed bag all day!
  3. Quick update from S. Nags Head! Saturday night cold front left Sunday surf rocking. Spent most of the day doing family stuff and gearing up for the week. Monday surf was moderate, picked up black drum in the surf. Stopped by the little bridge near lunch time and had some fun with specks, landed 2 and lost 2 all on the trout trick swimmer. Just got back from OBX pier landed a flounder on shrimp and a nice bluefish working a gotcha plug. Couple other guys were also having luck with the blues, well the ones that didn't get bitten off lol, also saw a few pompano landed closer to shore. Will be back at the pier tonight. Surf looks very calm next two days, which means beach days, which means dad gets to fish all day! Cheers!
  4. Thanks for the updates guys! Will be down Saturday afternoon. Good luck!
  5. Thinking about it. Would only be able to fish Friday, have a wedding in Cape May Sat/Sun. LBI SC looks awesome! $30 entry, over 500 anglers and lots of $prizes. That's a long stretch if your aren't local to LBI though. @D_Rock_NJ Are you doing BIBB? I might, just for the T-shirt, maybe get lucky and win a prize lol.
  6. Worth bringing the rake IMO, I'll be down the week after you! Like Ghost said, they are either there or they aren't, I'm of the opinion that they are just super deep when the air/sand temps get low. I'm sure it's some combination of a bunch of variables that brings em up to the wash. Anyway, good luck, let us know how it goes that week!
  7. Hey SOL PA, Will be staying @ the airport Friday and Saturday this weekend (8/13/21). Any tips on throwing from the bank nearby? Bait for catfish, soft plastics for smallmouth, etc?
  8. I'll take it @ $110 shipped to NJ.
  9. Heading down Saturday to S. Nags Head. Will report back what we see. I've never done it but I should be able to make it on one tank. Will probably stop in MD to look for fuel. But hey, as long as we make it to the house, I'll just have to extend the trip until there's fuel available for the return run lol.
  10. Worth throwing anything at night this time of year? I know the shark guys love it but anything else worth targeting?
  11. This is the way.
  12. I bought a pegboard of the amazernz that came with wooden dowels. Put dowels in top left, bottom left, in a triangle for the middle and one more on the bottom right. Put the spool on the top left, loop it around the pegs and tie your dropper loop.
  13. That's an understatement.
  14. I'll take it at $85 cash pickup.
  15. Pics of model # and guides?