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  1. new okuma rockaway 10 mh 1-4oz $85 pick up at Harrison NJ or meet at liberty state park
  2. Offer retract, will take it next weekends if still available
  3. I take it then
  4. I have a new with box shimano spheros sw 5000. $170 pick up at harrison nj
  5. I have a 6.4 mh shimano trevala, $100 pick up at harrison
  6. I have a cheap one, almost new penn previl II 10 foot. PRESFII1220C10. I can do $80 pick up at Harrison/Liberty Park/Bayonne Costco
  7. 100 shipped? then i will take it
  8. I have a lexa 300wn left
  9. I have one OKUMA Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel Size 80. $100 pick up at harrison NJ.
  10. You can check the original post also. I only use one time last year.
  11. $325 shipped to NJ?
  12. which year is the catalina?
  13. I take it then