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  1. My reel is not smooth and found the main shaft is bent. Don't know how could this happened. Want to buy a used one to replace the main shaft. Even the reel not working is fine. Mainly want the main shaft.
  2. Got one Schematics file for this reel and clean the AR. Now it looks nice
  3. I just don't know how to disassemble it. Do you know how to do it? Or any keyword I can search the video.
  4. Thanks everyone. Got a clash from ebay under $100. I think that's a good deal
  5. I just got a old cabo model 30 PTS. the reel is solid and everything works good. the only thing is when I swith the AR on, I feel lot of resistance compared with AR off. And I opened the rotor found the AR is not the style that I familiar.(roller or use anti reverse dog) It called CLUTCH ASSEMBLY KIT. I saw there are some small bead inside and looks rust on there. Anyone know how to fix that? And one more: is the 30 spool same as 40 spool? I check the part list looks the all the part are same except the spool part is different
  6. Looks Clash has some good deal now. The Clash 4000 almost same or lower than the spinfisher VI 4500. Any suggestion? just wonder which one would last longer and normally will use it on pier or bank fishing. normally won't hit water or sand
  7. I think 9 food one is nice for light lure fishing. the 10'6 one may need some heavy metal or bigger popper
  8. spheros SW will be the better and reliable choice.
  9. that sale is great but you may find buy 5 get 5 deal on store once they open. Previouly I got a lot of nice lure with half price.
  10. why don't try some bait feeder reel since you throw bait and this reel will help you a lot when you fishing more than one rod.
  11. I heard the fish goes crazy near full moon but never tried.
  12. UPDATE: I re-cleaned the reel and add less grease and oil makes the reel little smoother but still can feel some resistance. I found this is because I tight the screw too much and the rotor push the main body due to this which cause some sound when reeling. I just loose the screw a little bit and getting better now. Thanks everyone.
  13. I saw you mentioned rockaway rod everywhere and I finally got one 11 foot, that's super light. I think even lighter than the st crox trumph one which over $150. Nice and solid. what reel you are using by the way?
  14. Same in North Jersey and I am using 9 and 10 foot rod for bank fishing. Most of the time I throw bait and wait. If you do the same, Okuma longitude 9/10 foot should be good to go. I am using the bait runner reel from okuma too(ABF 40), Total would be under 100. If you plan lure fishing, I think you need to buy a good 9-11 foot light weight rod which you can throw several hours and still not tired. Okuma rockaway would be a good optioni near $100. reel maybe penn spinfisher 3500/4500, daiwa bg 3000/4000.
  15. Hmm, Since it still smoonth, I may just add more grease and oil to see if is getting better.