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  1. Would you respectfully do 80? I can do pickup.
  2. Looking for a lot of new/used bucktails that range in the 2,2.5, and 3 oz range for bass. Preferably smiling bills but open to anything.
  3. sounds good man.
  4. Could i see some pics?
  5. Looking for a lot of used or new bucktails ranging between 2,2.5, and 3 oz. preferably smiling bills but open to any!
  6. How do i contact him??
  7. sounds good!
  8. Besides that little chip by the lip, just very minor hook rash underneath. Ill upload more later. Would remove hooks prior to sending.
  9. I don't have any cigar Dannys, but I have a slightly used jetty swimmer in bunker that I would consider trading for the bunker Danny.
  10. hey man. Don't know if you're still looking for it, but id like to offer a slightly used jetty swimmer. could send some pics later. interested in both
  11. 50/50 or 70/30 doesnt bother me. I appreciate all the recommendations. I guess i didnt write in my first question enough. Im not looking to spend more than 300, and those two rods fell into my budget. All i really wanted to know is how those rods cast certain weights of plugs.
  12. Looking for people that have used the odm dna 11ft 1-5oz and 3-8 oz, as well as people that have used the lami carbon surf 11ft 1-5 and 3-8. Let me know how the rod performed, what the sweet spots are on the rod, fighting power, as well as negatives of the rod. Need a travel rod, and its between those 4! Thank you in advance!
  13. I already use a 1321m for the northeast. I need a travel rod for Florida, Mexico, Costa Rica, and anywhere else I am traveling in the future.
  14. I do want the 3-8 version's of either brand as long as it can send a 2oz plug into oblivion, just like my 1321m does. I know lamination's has a habit of exaggerating the lure ratings on gsbs at least, as mine is rating 3-7. I can throw a 1-3/4 plastic swimmer very far, and feel it very well. was wondering if I could do the same with the odd or carbon surf, which are two piece rods. Mostly going to be doing tarpon, rooster fish, jacks, Cubera, and whatever other big game surf fish I decide to target in the future.
  15. I would bring my 1321m that I already use on a daily basis. My favorite rod, nothing compares. only thing holding me back is its a one piece.
  16. just a little too much out of my price range, not looking to go over three hundred.
  17. Looking for a top half of a frontier x 3/4-4 10’6. Thanks!
  18. Hello SOL! For Christmas, I received 450 dollars in Cabelas/Bass Pro Shops gift cards. I still haven't used them. There are certainly things I would like to buy from them, but I am currently in the middle of finishing building my plug workshop. Unfortunately, Cabelas and Bass Pro doesn't sell anything useful for that, and was wondering if anyone would like to help a friend out and trade cash/ PayPal for the gift cards if you were going to get something from Cabelas or Basspro! I know I'm kinda asking for a long shot here, and doubt anyone would be interested, but it's worth a shot. Thanks in advance! Also, Cabelas and Basspro gift cards can be used on either website, if you were wondering. Thank you!
  19. Everyone does prove a good point in here when it comes to people being on a screen for a significant amount of time throughout the day with the pandemic going on. With the amount of platforms to see plugs, such as Facebook, Instagram, SOL, and Ebay, it sure does get guys wanting to buy them. There aren't things to go outside of the house to really spend money on, and people are resorting to buying plugs. Now, I will also agree that it is absolutely nuts that people will spend the amount of money I have seen being spent on certain plugs. Sure, don't me wrong, Mikes custom's builds a phenomenal darter. Never had one, but from hearing from others, I'm certain it does a phenomenal job of catching fish. But to spend the amount on that compared to 20 dollars for a superstrike, which has proven itself day in and day out, mind boggles me. But to each of their own, If someone has the money to spend on it and it satisfies them, good for them. In addition, the reason I think the plug market is going crazy is because of how many people have recently got into the sport. I know a few people that work in tackle shops, and they had a huge interest this year from people who haven't fished ever. Buying quality reels, rods, bags, etc. So when you look at the price of some plugs compared to others as a newbie, you will assume that the plug is of high quality, which in this case, all these plugs are! Does that make the the price some of them are selling for? In my opinion, no, but that's not for me to decide whether someone wants to spend the money on a plug or not.
  20. Hello SOL. Had a general question about the gsb 132 1L. I am looking to cut it down to a 120 to use for lighter things such as loaded redfins, weightless soft plastics like gt eels and sluggos, lighter bucktails, you get the memo. If i cut the 132 to 120, is it the same as the factory 120? Is it tapered the same? If not, can you tell me the differences you noticed in the factory 120 versus the 132 cut down to 120? Thank you!
  21. Looking for feedback on a 120 1L from whoever uses it. Give me ur honest opinion! Looking to throwing soft plastics weightless, and with light jigheads. As well as light swimmers up to no more than 2oz. Not interested in feedback on anything shorter than a 1201L, as i will not use a rod shorter than 9. Looking for people that have used it a lot and what they think of it. Thanks!
  22. Well i have the 132 1L and wouldnt want to cut two feet off of it, im not experienced enough and wouldnt know how much to cut off of each end to get the best 9 footer out of it. Another reason i dont really enjoy 9footers is because im a pretty tall guy, and the 9 is just small for me. I cant tuck in between my legs and if gets tiring holding it under my arm.
  23. @vinnyb will ask in there, thank you!
  24. @GoneCoastal funny you mentioned the mb1083m, i used it a fair amount and it is a great rod. I understand the idea of cutting it down to 9-9’3, but i dont generally like rods less than 10ft. The blanks i have are 132 1Ls and was looking to cut it down to 120
  25. @saltyveins yeah i just realized i said 9, i meant 10 lol