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  1. owner inlines won't be broken if a great white picks up you're plug or bait! you can't go wrong.
  2. 50 pound power pro super slick for me has been the best braid by far. Brand new on the spool and I haven't had a single wind knot, and the knots are STRONG. Ive been snagged on bottom and can't break my line at the knot, its pretty crazy how well they designed that line.
  3. I've been using the gear 3 tube surf bag, and at 190 dollars, in my opinion, you can't go wrong. amazing drainage, hooks do not go through the sailcloth, and when you're swimming to rocks, ur plugs will not float around in the bag due to the flaps holding it down. It also has a water bottle holder, and 8 Bucktail slots in the bag.
  4. if you really want to go all out in Montauk, id highly recommend a wetsuit. You move quicker, you're lighter, less tiring. the only pro of waders is you stay dry. But if you're not willing to get wet in Montauk, don't waste your time going. Ankle support and good grip on the moss covered rocks is crucial to staying alive too lol. I highly recommend worker rocktrax plus on whatever sneakers/boots you will be wearing.
  5. for me, fluking has been OUT OF THIS WORLD this year! I fish 100 percent of my time in Monmouth County, and mostly out front. In tears of open beach, I haven't done too well, but im finding lots of success around jettys. There are days where ill catch 15-20 fluke on one jetty, simply walk to another jetty a hundred yards down, and do the same. A lot of small ones, but I have been weeding through them to find the bigger ones. in terms of what's in my bag, I use ducktails and gulp. I use a 3/4 Bucktail with a 4 inch grub, all white, and then ten inches above I tie a dropper loop with a 4/0 bait holder hook. I put a 4 inch swimming mullet on the baitholder hook, and jig right off the bottom. I have been doing exceptional doing that. Overall, I keep 4 rigs tied, 5 ducktails, and a plastic container in my gear up pouch on my belt, as well as my pliers, and a rag to get the smell of the gulp off your hands.
  6. out back in Monmouth County I have been seeing a lot of snapper blues on what it seems to be either spearing or peanuts. I see them around while im fluking, and im kind of tempted to lifeline a small snapper for a fluke. In terms of snappers out front, this year I haven't seen a whole lot of them.
  7. ss by far cast better into the wind, they were made for that. I have the 2oz mag darter, and it casts OK in the wind. Nothing too special, but definitely gets out enough to where you can fish it for at least 15-20 yards. Sometimes that's all the space you need to hook up!
  8. of course man, let me know if you need help choosing gear for cold weather!
  9. in my opinion, I genuinely think that it should be changed to keeping 1 fish a season between 28 and 25 inches for the next 5 years to really get the stocks in the amount of fish back up. Charter boats are really destroying this fishery. every day out, limiting out, I just don't get it. They should change the mindset of people that come on to the boat to encourage releasing the bass. We have so many other species in our waters that are miles better eating, so there should be no reason we are keeping bass. fluke, sea bass, blackfish, kingfish, blowfish, Spanish Macks, bonito, alibis, and you can go on about tastier fish. It should be changes to 1 fish a season between 28 and 35 inches and you need a transportation stamp to bring it home, the same concept with deer.
  10. caddis green neoprene waders attached to the boot have been solid for me. I fish every night throughout march April with them, as well as November December. They last about two years beating them up before you need new ones. at 120 dollars you can't go wrong in my opinion.
  11. haha I have been on the site for quite a while. never really posted but I definitely will more often, some gems that im looking to buy in the buying forum! thanks for your kind words.
  12. I use the microchips for changing bucktails while fishing an inlet, its great because as the current gets stronger, I can just switch to a heavier Bucktail with no problem while fluking. I also have used the microchips while lmb fishing in the fresh, and boy does it save you time changing between lures.
  13. I have an old school lamiglas sb 1363m, its perfect for throwing plugs over 2.5 ounces and chunking. you can never go wrong with lami, they do a phenomenal job of making a rod for every scenario.
  14. you can definitely throw two teasers on, but in my opinion it just gets too expensive. You go through a lot of gulp that way. For me, a Bucktail with a trailer 4 inch gulp swimming mullet and then a 4/0 bait holder hook with a plain white swimming mullet on it works best for me.
  15. I highly recommend neoprene waders. they may be a little heavy, but they get the job DONE. Stormr also makes quality surf tops and neoprene jackets. I have the strykr jacket, and on the coldest nights in march fishing for bass it keeps me warm. Stormrs gloves are also top of the line when it comes to warmth.
  16. first time reporting on this site! outback moco, from 9pm -12.30 am. found 3 bluefish from 1-3 pounds, as well as 1 rat bass around 20 inches. small profile was key. lots of spearing around, should be shaping up for a decent fall with all this bait.