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  1. Ive never put so much time and effort into something with nothing to show for it. Ive been to the canal, to Jamestown, breachways and chokepoints during the outgoing tide. Im using eels, soft plastic white swimbaits, bucktails.. and I still havent caught one single legal striper. Past two nights I went to a striper feeding ground during the outgoing tide. Saw them come and go without a single bite. Determined, I went to the jetty, no bites. Then I went to (another place*) and immediately saw bubbling and smacking under the bridge. Cast out a surface jig, no action. Switched to a gulp soft plastic with lead head, still nothing. I dangled a sabiki rig from the bridge but that didnt work. I gathered crabs from the river and tried using those as bait. Still nothing. I couldnt even catch a gd porgie. No lie 3 times they disappeared and I gave up only to see them reappear as soon as I got to my car. /vent
  2. how do i reply to comments? the baitfish were those little saltwater shiners. thanks for your suggestions guys
  3. This month Ill be targeting stripers at a location where there is a bottleneck of action. During the nighttime outgoing tide, bait fish are carried to this bottleneck and the stripers feast. You can see the flash of stripers slicing through this bait ball. But considering the heavy action I wasnt happy with how few we caught last time I fished the location. I was using live eels, hooking the eels through the upper jaw and livelining them. Im wondering if there is a better way. Should I try a sinker rig instead? I was thinking about tying a weight at the end of the line and tying the hook a couple feet above so the eel cant dive for cover and is flailing in the middle of the water column. Any suggestions?