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  1. This would be my reason for why someone would choose to use it even in a scenario where waterproof isn't necessary. For their line capacity, they are significantly lighter in weight than other reels that hold the same amount of line. They are also solid reels and will hold up to the abuse.
  2. I appreciate the offers everyone, but I went with the Trinidad from Maine Guide. Going to close the thread now. Thanks again!
  3. What kind of shape is the trinidad in? any boat rash or anything like that? if the reel is clean I will take it! please pm me with details on where to send payment. Thanks
  4. DAQ thank you, but I reel with the wrong hand for that one. I appreciate the offer though.
  5. I would absolutely consider the saltiga. what are your asking prices for them? especially interested in the 15h or 10. also what would you want for the trinidad? Thanks
  6. Hello All, I am interested in buying a reel for ocean fluke bucktailing. The reels I would be interested in are the Shimano Trinidad in 12 or 14 size, Calcutta D in 400 size, the Conquest in 400 size. Or, a Shimano Ocea Jigger in one of the smaller sizes. Thanks!
  7. I’ve owned both the nasci and bg. the nasci was in a 5000 size and the bg 4000. i have used both for striped bass, fluke, and bluefish. in my opinion, the bg is the superior reel. in fact i still use the bg and i returned the nasci after a week, it just felt kinda cheap. Plus for the size, the line capacity on the bg is far superior. both are smooth reels, but would definitely do my best to avoid getting them wet.
  8. I appreciate the offer but I will pass. Best of luck with your sale.
  9. I will offer $15 for the black vs200 knob. can get it for 20$ new on ebay
  10. Yes for me it also depends if I am fishing the plugs from a jetty or the beach. Because of the angle of the line to the water from the jetty i don't hold the rod tip as high usually around 3 oclock. Beach I usually start with the rod tip held high and either drop the rod tip as a wave comes so the plug will swim a bit deeper then raise the rod tip after the wave passes. Say 11 oclock normal retrieve and then drop it to 3 oclock when waves pass and when the plug gets closer. This is for surface swimmers btw. which is what I do most of my metal lip fishing with.
  11. That is impressive. Pretty sure if I tried to make my own I'd be missing a finger. But yes, you definitely cannot just take them out of the package and fish them. You need to tune them, bend the eye, figure out retrieve speed, what height to hold the rod tip etc. And of course you tune certain plugs to run properly in certain surf conditions, which is what makes fishing them so much fun, it is definitely a skill, and once you get good at it I believe it is one of the most productive ways to catch bass.
  12. Thanks! imo metal lips are definitely some of the most productive plugs when fished in the right conditions. definitely underutilized by a lot of people. would say about 50% of my surf caught bass are on them
  13. CCW Danny Jr
  14. would consider offers for those interested in buying