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  1. doesn’t get much use for me so listing it here. selling a st croix legend xtreme inshore. 7’, medium heavy. overall is in excellent shape, the reargrip shows some wear from the rod holder but otherwise the reel seat, guides, and blank are in great shape. Asking $300 picked up or meet up. Monmouth county nj, work in north jersey. will ship for an additional $50
  2. had 8-9 fish yesterday, up to about 18-20 pounds on metal lips. couldn’t let @DeeMoneeoutdo me in my own front yard
  3. I think about things like this often. My thought it, yes, you can save a few bucks, splice some lines and probably will be okay. But…. IF a fish gets to that knot/your backing It is most likely a great fish/something you are not going to want to lose. Not worth the chance IMO.
  4. light NE wind this evening got me excited. went out for an evening trip and first cast my rod became a three piece. took that as a sign turned around and went home
  5. @Sean M21 are you gonna take the reel or is it going to Bill?
  6. Sean, it's up to you. You expressed interest in the reel first, and I wanna give you first dibs at it because of that
  7. the little bit of scuffing I see on the reel feet, is that just normal wear and tear from being in a reel seat? or was it from being dropped or banged into something? Also, I assume all of the threads are in good shape, not corroded, etc?
  8. he never replied to my PM, reel is still available if you’re interested
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