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  1. Does anyone know of a reputable builder in the Monmouth County, NJ area? I have a 10 foot nex1 blank I need to get built. I called a certain shop in Ocean County and they have a wait time of 6-8 months so looking for a place with a faster turnaround time if possible. Thanks!
  2. I can do $200. PM me and let's figure out the details.
  3. Clearing one last rod I don’t use out of the garage. New St. Croix Avid Inshore 7’6” medium heavy. Rated .5-1.25 ounces, 10-20 pound line. Rod was literally taken out of the packaging, had the tags removed and hung up. Has a 15 year warranty on it that is transferable. Asking $215 picked up or meet up. Will ship for an added $20. Located in Monmouth County NJ, work in north jersey during the weeks.
  4. Would I rather fish for bass? Absolutely. But Big bluefish are a blast, honestly any fish that it biting is fun to catch in my book. What bothers me most, is the general overall downtrend of inshore fishing in NJ waters. I still catch my share of big fish, but the windows to do so seem to get shorter and shorter each year. I remember growing up as a kid, going down to the beach every night after dinner in the summer with my Dad and Grandpa and plugging the beaches. Every night we got into fish, sometimes bass, sometimes bluefish, and on a relatively common basis, would run into some nice weakfish bites right off the beach. I don’t know that I can point to one specific thing and say “that’s the cause.” In reality it is probably a number of different factors. Either way, regardless of whether you like catching bluefish or not, it’s a bit disheartening, at least for me, for a species to seem like it is in a decline, just for the fact that it seems like the inshore waters around here seem to harbor less and less life each season.
  5. i would do that. will send you a pm
  6. If it’s okay with you i’m gonna let this ride for a bit see if i can get rid of everything at once. if. ot we can try to work something out
  7. Just clearing out the basement. Stuff I don’t really ever use. Selling two baitcasting combos. The first is an abu garcia revo X on a 13 fishing black medium heavy rod. Second is a lew’s carbon fire on a 7 foot medium action shimano sojourn. Both are in fantastic condition and show very little signs of use. Asking $160 picked up or meet up for both combos combined. Live in monmouth county and work in north jersey during the weeks.
  8. i have a new avid inshore, 7’6” rated 0.5-1.25 ounces that I’d sell if you’re interested
  9. Great thanks. Where are you located?
  10. would you take $240 for it
  11. is this for sale still?
  12. No worries I appreciate you letting me know. If something changes give me a shout
  13. You haven't lived until you had a foot high dorsal fin tracking your surface plug at first light when you're up to your waist in water on one of the finger jetties up north
  14. ill do that. the top plug on the left, and then the 7,8,9 from top? figure that’s about $110 worth of plugs and then make up the difference to the 300 in cash? sound fair?
  15. thank you ill pass on that as well. definitely want something rated more 2-5. brand wise, more of a lami, ODM, century, and definitely would prefer a 10’footer to a 10’6”. i should have clarified this in the original listing