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  1. I use a GSB 1201l with 11 inches cut off the butt. I use a VR 175 and it balances perfectly. I am sure a 150 would be great as well. The VR50 is a tiny tiny reel. I thinking you will find it won’t balance all that great and be too small for that blank. In my opinion the vr50 is more suited for a 7’ or 7’6” inshore rod, or a super lightweight surf rod. The 1081M is a very substantial, solid blank and will do better with a larger reel. I used to use a 150 on one and even thought I should have a 175 or 200. Hope this helps
  2. Hey all, haven’t used this rod in a while so figured I’d list it here and have it go to a good home and be used instead of sit in my garage. I am selling a 7’ Kevin Bogan Custom conventional rod. As per him it is rated 25-40 pound line. It is in good used condition. Almost 0 signs of corrosion, but some small scratches. Nothing to affect the function of the rod it still looks very nice. Reel seat still in great condition as well. Rod was $195 new. Asking $70 picked up or meet up near Manasquan NJ.
  3. still open! previous potential buyer changed their mind
  4. I bought this a while back and never took it fishing, a little too long for my liking. For sale is an 8 foot blackfin, fins 56 model conventional rod. It is rated 15-30 pound test. Has some minor marks from storage but as previously stated has never been fished. Retails for a little over $225 new. Asking $50 picked up or meet up within reasonable distance. Located in Manasquan, NJ
  5. CL, it’s all yours! I thought it was the bailless model. Sorry for any confusion @Trident 13
  6. Offer retracted, wrong model for me. Sorry for the confusion!
  7. If you asked me this last year I would have said saltist, but the durability of that reel left a lot to be desired. One thing to keep in mind. All of these 4000-5000 size reels are not equal with regards to the line capacity. I don’t know the weights off the top of my head either. I think like others have mentioned, for sheer durability the spinfisher will be hard to beat. Refinement wise the daiwa and the shimano will have an edge. But if you decide to go the daiwa route, I would say definitely take a look at the regular BG, it is essentially a saltist without the mag seal but is an absolutely fantastic reel for the under $200 price point. Great line lay, smooth, great drag, and has held up well.
  8. Because you gave me such a good deal on that trinidad last year, deal haha. I’ll send you a PM now
  9. I bought it brand new about three months ago. I have the box, papers, and everything that comes with the reel
  10. Unfortunately not, bit of a drive for me
  11. Price drop, 285 picked up or meet up, 305 shipped
  12. I appreciate the offer. But for a trade I’d rather do face to face. Just easier that way.
  13. No worries, as of now it’s still for sale, so let me know when you wanna see it and we can work something out
  14. I’m pretty sure that they won’t deal with any warranty or service issues with the international or JDM models. So buying one is a bit more of a risk