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  1. Very slow afternoon at Deer Island flats yesterday. Maybe I was late, didn't show up until high tide. Caught one keeper flounder that we had for dinner. Good recipe for blackened flounder: https://www.keyingredient.com/recipes/14408050/blackened-flounder/
  2. This isn't a comment about the specific case of this private road, but more in general based on what I have observed since I started surfcasting several years ago. Coastal communities are unique in that they are the gateway to an essential public resource, and there are responsibilities that come with that. I understand that small towns do not want to deal with thousands of people showing up from across the state to use the beach, and that they have limited resources. But there needs to be a balance. It isn't acceptable to totally shut out out-of-towners when everyone's tax dollars make it possible for these communities to exist. State and federal taxes help pay for roads and bridges, seawalls and other improvements, and the cost of rebuilding after storms. I think these are absolutely worthwhile things for taxpayer money to be used for. I am glad these communities exist. They are beautiful places in many respects. But in return, there needs to be a reasonable level of access for the general public, not just town residents.
  3. That is correct, it charges with a micro USB cable (the kind used to charge Android phones).
  4. Sorry, should have specified. The 25.
  5. I own the ICOM radio and would recommend it. Fits nicely in the radio pocket on my NRS PFD. It would probably be a little awkward clipped on to the outside of a PFD due to its size. I am able to reach my local automated radio check station from about 5 miles with obstructions in the line of sight. The read back is not perfect but good enough. Battery life is long. I keep it on me to get weather reports and for emergency use and am never transmitting on it except for a radio check, so YMMV.
  6. Fished Deer Island this morning for flounder from the kayak. Got three keepers, one borderline keeper that went back, and four or five shorts. All on seaworms.
  7. Riddler, I met you as you were coming off the water at an undisclosed beach about two years ago. You told me about "upwelling," something I had never heard of. Since then I've kept a closer eye on the water temps and winds. I picked up a used Revo 16 recently and have been following this thread with interest. Thanks for giving us your take on it. Hope to see you again on the water at some point.
  8. You are right about stability. The scupper and scupper pro roll easily from side to side but they are hard to flip over completely. I think this is the difference between primary and secondary stability(?). They are definitely on the rare side but a few popped up on CL over the course of the last year or so here in New England. It's possible if you're quick and willing to take a drive.
  9. Ditto to what gellflex said re: budget. If you want to spend as little money as possible, I would suggest looking for a used Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro or Scupper Classic. Wet rides for sure, but they are fast and seaworthy boats. Keep in mind that they are narrower than most sit on top kayaks made today, so they will be less stable. At the same time, your center of gravity is lower in these designs and there is a solid feeling of being "connected" to the boat, something that I find helpful in choppy conditions or when dealing with boat wakes. Keep in mind that the classic cannot easily accommodate a rudder while the pro can.