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  1. I had good luck with duct seal, and like others here I had no issues with the transducer staying put. You just lose the instantaneous water temperature read, which I find useful. I currently have the big berley pro mount hanging off the bottom of my Revo 16. FWIW it didn't seem to make much difference in terms of speed. With the help of the wind and tide I was cruising at 5.5 kts on the latest trip. Return trip with slack tide and 10 kt headwind I managed about 3.5 kts. Seemed about the same as it would be with a clean hull.
  2. Sent.
  3. Given their mission, it is very frustrating that they seem more ready to close off access than other agencies (eg MWRA).
  4. Looks like you can't receive PMs yet. Maybe post your email or another way to get in touch?
  5. The guy coordinating it is not on SOL and asked that his email be kept off the public forum. I will PM you contact details.
  6. DCR From what I understand, there are a few things that happened that led to the closure. I do not believe it was related to security at the gas tank. As someone else mentioned, there was a fatal jet ski accident during the summer of 2020. There was also a series of neighborhood complaints from Savin Hill OTB about noise from car stereos at the ramp. The event that sparked the closure was a cookout that someone had at the ramp and one of the neighbors went down to the State Police station on Day Boulevard to complain. I heard there were a lot of people so the justification was Covid risk (despite outdoor events being very low risk). DCR put a jersey barrier blocking off the parking lot within a day or two of that incident. IMO none of this justifies the closure of a public facility. The state's priority should be to preserve existing public access to the water, and if it's not possible at that location, then they need to promptly replace public access with an equivalent facility.
  7. Boots are gone. Thanks SOL.
  8. I could get a few trips out of it before I put it on the charger. The 4" garmins do not need a lot of power. Garmin lists typical current draw as 0.5 amps, so 14 hours best case scenario using that figure and probably more if you are out at night with the backlight turned down.
  9. Actually, there is one other thing you will need if you want to use the YakAttack mount. It needs to be attached to a track mount like the one in the photo. That one is staying on my kayak so you will need to get one. You can also get the mightymount which is smaller but you are fixed to one spot on the yak.
  10. It does come with everything except for the battery. I have a spare 7 amp hour SLA battery and charger, and I can crimp on some connectors to the power cable so you'll be ready to go. I can do the whole package for $150. The catch is that I am moving and all that stuff is packed, but if you can wait a week I can meet up with you south of the city.
  11. A group of kayakers/boaters and harbor activists are putting together a letter to the Mass DCR about the closure of the Morrissey Boulevard/Malibu Beach ramp last year. We want to see it re-opened. Please see the thread in the Mass forum or PM me for details.
  12. Cool, sending PM