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  1. What is "half of fag?" Cigarette?
  2. I don't have a YouTube channel. It just the only way I could share the video (I have 2 videos on YouTube one of which has nothing to do with fishing). Not trying to promote anything. What do you mean by shake and bake treatment? I'll gladly take it down though if anyone PMs me to. I don't want to spot burn and didn't think the video gave away too much information. I could be wrong though??
  3. Edit...
  4. I got into serious surf casting this year, thanks to Covid eliminating my hockey season. I'm also from CT and had some luck hooking up with stripers on the Eastern end. It's a little more than $150 budget but I use an 11' rod as a back up. It's a Tsunami Airwave Elite 1-4oz. It was $220 I believe. All stripers and blues I caught were from Tsunami Talkin poppers 6." I took out my GoPro couple weeks ago and got this on film.
  5. Could it be that you're possibly jumping to conclusions? Why are you saying that it's immature to ask other experienced adults how they managed hobbies with a child on the way? Are parents not allowed to enjoy their own personal time ever? Perhaps some parents have some tips that could beneficial. One of the posters mentioned he got up early to have his time then came home and had his duties to fulfill. Others wait till the kid is asleep before having their time. No need to assume that I'm prioritizing my hobbies to family. I'm not.
  6. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Appreciate the response. Hopefully my son will enjoy fishing as much as I do.
  7. Your post didn't contribute anything to the original post. Whatever happened to respect. You came up with the situation that my life was about fishing only. Look at the response above yours. It's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Someone in a similar situation and experience to share with me.
  8. Why are you being rude? I simply asked for experiences. That is all. I was genuinely curious about how people's family situation effected their hobbies, positive and/or negative. I know my priorities, I just wanted perspective from others.
  9. what? How are those two things related?
  10. Marriage has nothing to do with this. Just because someone isn't married doesn't mean they can't have kids or raise a family.
  11. I have no experience with eating dogs or cats. From our perspective here it seems cruel and disgusting. But really, is eating a cow or pig any different? How about stuffing an apple in a baby pigs mouth, shoving a spike through its body and slowly roasting it over coal any less "disgusting" than eating a dog?
  12. Yikes! That doesn't sound good. Do you have regrets then?
  13. My gf will be a stay at home as well. She's in law school for 3 more years so it'll be my income only. I wake up early to fish and home by 9 am so I think it's very doable on weekends to get up early and still have time to enjoy fishing and coming home to "adult."
  14. Miyagi lol. One day I'll have him (having a boy) sign up for SOL and enter the Tavern and I'll have him read this post.
  15. Haha funny! I wasn't looking for a congrats but thank you! I don't have way too many lures that I should try to sell