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  1. I got a bunch of what were I think bullets today, very well could have been chubs though. Literally thousands upon thousands. tiny bait
  2. blue and white split kastmaster usually 3/4 oz for early season but depends
  3. I work at quaker lane. No fresh pogies yet, we have frozen and should have fresh within the next few weeks the guy who sells them to us came in yesterday
  4. I heard about this but never really saw for myself. Last year I got on a really nice juvenile sand eel bite starting around this time, it abruptly ended when pogies came in skinny waters, wondering if these will coincide this year or no sand eels at all?
  5. super early, my first was may 21 last year early spotting of bunker compared to last year too
  6. Yea I read that article and it also said "Because fishing mortality for weakfish has been fairly constant in recent years but the stock has still failed to recover across its entire range, scientists have suspected that natural mortality may be higher than is currently assumed. Investigating that possibility, however, means calculating natural mortality from scratch based on direct on-the-water observations." which is interesting as to how it seems like fishing is not really contributing to the low numbers of weakfish
  7. The spot I've been fishing is pretty well frequented, I've seen my fair share of weakfish caught and have heard people say they've seen quite a few more. I have been catching lots of bass on grass shrimp flies and I know this is a major forage in a weakfish's diet. I haven't been fishing as long as some but from what I can tell, this year there is a better chance of hooking into a weakfish but there is by no means a guarantee.
  8. I know this is an old thread but I've heard of tons of weakfish being caught at some early season spots this year, seen pictures, and even witnessed 3 caught one morning. It seems as if it is in way better number and a little bit earlier than usual. Not sure if anyone else heard the same
  9. I heard circle hooks are not required for rigged eels because you are actively fishing them as a plug, rather than as an unattended bait. Keep in I just heard this so don't take it as truth, could be totally wrong.
  10. this actually begs the question of whether you could catch albies on a senko lol, prob could if it was a day when they weren't picky
  11. ill have to check out senkos one day when im on a hot schoolie bite
  12. I know the effectiveness of albie snax with hardtails and stripers firsthand. I have heard of people using them in freshwater and was wondering if anybody could attest to that with their experiences with albie snax in freshwater.
  13. saw a bald eagle today in Cranston. Pictures kinda suck because I had such a short window to set my camera up IMG_7674.CR2
  14. mine does something very similar, its a blast every year and makes me way more competitive because it is with people I know and yearly bragging rights are an important stake
  15. we had a great run of chub Macks this past year, different than Atlantics though