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  1. I use the Striper-Gear The Canal Buster Large Plug Bag. It's $60 and Fish&Tackle in Plymouth. I bought it while I decide on whether to get in the line for a Flat Lander. It has 6 10" deep cubes. Water bottle pocket, fish gripper pocket, and pouch for leaders. My only complaint is that I wish the fish gripper was on other side of the bag. There are grommets on the bottom to let water out. Made of pretty heavy material. Check out the website or I can load some picks if you'd like.
  2. Going on shoulder or belt?
  3. So where does the Twin Power stand then?
  4. I will keep that in mind, but my area has many, many rock fields from Boston down to Plymouth and the one I've been fishing lately or at least for the last 2 weeks is new to me and I haven't seen another fisherman yet this year.
  5. I'm the opposite right now. Everything I've caught has been topwater. But your probably right, I've missed more than I've caught and would probably have more hookups if I threw on the BH baby squid. I've been fishing shallow rock fields and trying not to lose gear so early in the season. I'll try some weightless squids tonight. Guys have been doing well off the beaches with fresh clams.
  6. Bad day fishing beats most days not fishing. Some fresh air and a little sun.
  7. Last night started out great and had potential to be an awesome night. First cast got a few hits on a white 5" pencil. Third cast caught a hard fighting 24-26". The line somehow went through the eye of the back single hook. After cutting clip and re-tying I sent it back out, ignoring a very small windknot. Worked the plug in and paused about 10yds away....then a huge slam followed by snap. My first thought as I watched this big fish slosh around was that it won't make it. Luckily I crush my barbs and she spit the hook. My second thought was how am I getting my new favorite plug back. The plug is about 10-15 yards away on a falling tide and I am as far out in a rock field as I can go. Quickly put the line through the guides while fighting the wind and waves, tie on another pencil and cast it out. I missed the plug but picked up the remaining line and successfully retrieved the plug. Now I'm scrambling to get another leader on as I'm losing the tide. Was able to get another cast out and slam another 26". I've learned my wind knot lesson to say the least, but the fish are showing north of the 3 bays more and more.
  8. I want a Zeebass, not because I need but because's a Zeebass. Plus I learned they make a bail for it. It might be sacrilegious to put a bail on a Zeebass though.
  9. I do the same type of fishing. It's a great reel IMO. You have to take each review with a grain of salt because each person uses a reel differently. I do not winch fish. I fight fish with the rod. I have never had a reel fail. Whether it be my Shimano baitrunner 4500 and 6500 or Thunnus 16000F. BG4000 and 5000 or Tsunami Shield. Each person will be harder on reels than others. I put 2 more fish the VR150 last night in some serious spray and splash. Some reels will have issues no matter if its a VR or a VSX. One thing I do like is that if something ever did go wrong I could just order a part and fix. One of the things that turned me off about the VSX is why do I have to pay each year to service a reel I paid $900 for? I can't wait for my VR50 to arrive.
  10. My biggest fish was competing with a small schoolie for my 6.5" white spook. This was in September, I fished a rocky area 4-6' deep at dusk. Casted spook out, started slow walking along when a small schoolie threw itself and the plug in the air, so I quickly continued walking it when all of a sudden this white wash of water rolled over the plug and the line went tight. That 44" fish was hanging out and competing against small schoolies.
  11. Ged's breakdowns are invaluable and full of "to the point details". I traded my Gen1 in for a Gen2 after reading his review. I purchased the VR150 because I fish in up to waste deep water and take spray and waves from time to time. I don't reel underwater and prefer a bail. With a higher retrieve rate the VR150 made sense. My only problem with it was the added weight in the Gen2. I bought this to pair with a 9' Blackhole SBS. It feels a little heavy on that rod, but doesn't matter because I am moving the VR150 to my 10'6" Lami once my VR50 arrives. I have put 4 fish on the VR150 so far. Completely over powered the schoolies which was expected. Has been sprayed and splashed and rinsed after each use and feels like it's getting smoother each time out. It wasn't about saving money for me but more so about buying a reel that can handle splash and spray with a higher retrieve rate than the VSX. The sealing may now be similar to the VSX but one thing that can't compare is probably the toughness of the VSX. I don't see the VR line being able to be dropped and smashed against rocks. If your rough on gear or swim with the reel buy a VSX if you stay on shore or wade lightly buy two VRs. Was gonna take the night of after getting home from golf, but after writing this I'm going out fishing....
  12. I learned that after after keeping some certain soft plastics in my Tactical Anglers pouch..... No problem with the Al Gags, Bill Hurley or Gravity Tackle stuff.
  13. I've caught 2 fish so far, both under 20" off of 2 different beaches north of Plymouth. Soft plastics weren't working so I tried a small 5" pencil and whack.....both on the pencil. Might scrap my plans to fish the rivers and go straight to the beaches.
  14. I used a LEO belt last year with a similar locking buckle as the commando I saw a picture of from a past WTS. It was good, but being a plastic buckle the lock started to fail and just didn't give the security I wanted. If only using on the beach and not having a chance to drop in the water the plastic buckle would be ok. The other thing is how the belt hugs you. The ones with a plastic buckle more or less sit on your hips, ones like tiderunner and rockhopper snug tight to your waist. You can grab a cheap LEO with that commando style buckle for like $20.
  15. Not sure what the commando used to be, but I think a few will say tiderunner. I started using one this year and I like it. Especially like how I can adjust it to what I'm wearing that day. Sometimes I'll wear jeans and knee high boots instead of waders and it makes it easy to put on rather than the clip type you have to adjust by moving the clips. Good price too.