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  1. I got a Carbon Surf 3/8-2oz 9’ and fished it last night off Crane’s beach. Whips my lure selection perfectly.
  2. I bought the Lamiglas Carbon Surf 9' 3/8-2oz Light locally. Thanks for the heads up on this model.
  3. I checked earlier and they were never listed as in stock on my end..
  4. Thanks everyone. I just found one locally from a friend. Closing thread
  5. Another rod WTB from me. I've really learned a lot this year and am switching things up. WTB: Shimano Teramar Southeast 7'6" Medium Stiff Thanks.
  6. I didn’t realize (or forgot) a 1.5oz version of the SS sinking popper existed. I can’t imagine a fish would strike a 2 3/8oz and turn down the 1.5oz version... I’m def going light on the rod and will get a 1.5oz popper
  7. If you ever want to sell it, let me know. Also will check out Lami Carbon
  8. Maybe I am just used to a whippier inshore rod... I just feel like the Triumph 9' doesn't flex when loading and resembles fishing with a broomstick. When I catch, it takes a 30"+ fish in current to even bend the rod. I will admit the Triumph 9' casts the SS sinking popper 2 3/8oz very well, but I primarily use 1oz spook, Bombers, SPs...
  9. I already have a St. Croix Triumph Surf 9' but the action is way too stiff for the lures I use. The butt end is also way too long. I am looking for a rod that has more whip to help toss 1-2oz lures like Bombers, Redfin, Mag Darters, SP Minnows, spooks, etc. The heaviest lure I use is a SS sinking popper 2 3/8oz. I was looking at the Tsunami Airware Elite Surf 8'8" or 9'6" models rated 1/2-2oz and 3/4-3oz respectively. Would one of these be a good fit?
  10. I google the company and dont see an option to buy direct. Where are you seeing them for sale? Am I being thick and missing their website/contact info?
  11. Those shads look nice. Out of curiosity, who makes them?