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  1. Can never get the accent right...
  2. I strapped mine to a sea robin, released it at Watch Hill (after extensive training of course) the fish made its way up Taylor Swifts plumbing and now I'm a Gazillionaire!!!!!
  3. I watched the ones Bear's Den had last year - they were free and live. Compared to the average youtube vide, I'd have to say they were about the same...worst part about them were the questions from viewers - they added almost nothing and slowed the presentation down. Smaller group with money on the line might help...might...
  4. And potatoes originated in the Americas....
  5. In my home waters - flats fishing - I keep a few flies on a drying pad on my hat - old school. I know what I need and its not like I'm loosing them on rocks or anything - very comfortable If I want to carry bigger flies I use a system like Bloosfisher In places I don't know well, I just carry everything I can think of and get a hernia.
  6. Use a lot of tubes as a part of a fly not as a "tube fly" per se. They work great for things like body spreaders or spun hair heads which could impede the hook gap. I put all my popping heads on tubes. Also I never use junction tubing...if you are stripping the fly fairly quickly or swinging it in a current its not necessary and most saltwater hook eyes are too big for them anyways.
  7. Pungo Power!!!!!!!
  8. I took the hooks off a plug and attach a length of fluro to a clouser essentially making the plug a glorified casting bubble...its a lot of fun for my daughter who is 5, and its a fairly safe way for her to fish since the plug is a handle for landing the fish and the fly is a barbless single hook. A sinking fly helps but probably anything would work.
  9. Can't argue with Wu Tang
  10. Never really got into dubbing loops much but been playing with them lately and have a question. Do they add more bulk - in terms of 3D tying than a similar amount of material tied in at the halfway point and then folded back? Or is there utility primarily in ease of use? Reason I'm asking is I figured they would give a bulkier appearance with less material but I'm not seeing it and I'm not sure if I'm expecting too much or building them wrong...I get a similar effect from the store-bought ones I've tried.
  11. The Jack-Knife Deceiver - named in honor of Big Daddy Cool's WWE finishing move... Big Daddy Cool wouldn't be a terrible nickname for Lefty - Cool guy who invented a fly that has caught more fish and inspired more flies than possibly any twist is simply to put weight behind a head that moves water, found it caused more of a jack-knife action behind than before but honestly feathers and marabou its hard to find a way for them not to work
  12. In honor of National Clouser Day I humbly submit a Clouser Ceech lowfat minnow mashup which is probably my single favorite fly at the moment (though not generally in pink but figured that might be more photogenic.) Whether it is fair or not nearly any baitfish fly with dumbbell eyes is at least related to the Clouser Minnow and thus nearly always works.
  13. I will target smallmouth bass primarily this year...which will be a challenge since after decades of mostly/only fishing flats and chasing albies I really don't understand the kettle pond game that well...
  14. What's the hook...kinda looks like a keel hook