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  1. Cockcasity
  2. Urban Dictionary- I had to look it up - thought there might have been a “k”
  3. My favorite advantage of shooting heads is portability....can carry one rod one reel and have sinker, floater, intermediate etc heads ready to go. So if you fish mostly on foot this might be helpful, from a boat with rod storage probably not so much. Since you can make your own heads long or short is up to you my favorite popper head started life as a 12wt DT floater.
  4. I hate when the tourists try to kill themselves with kayaks - might result on more regulations for me.
  5. I think they are always nocturnal just in spring and fall they are eating as much as they can and thus are more active during the daylight hours than they would normally choose. I personally think that when a large number of very large 40" fish are on the flats that's a great sign for fly fishermen but probably not the best for the fishery. The stripers have to spend more time gathering the food they require from shrimp crabs and stuff that they likely could have gotten from a pogie or two in other seasons. I generally only like to fish off-hours in my kayak, but that might be simply due to personality defects and I imagine behavior patterns onto stripers to excuse it.
  6. I own GLX Crosscurrents, Sage XP's, but my favorite rod day in and day out is a classic ECHO 8wt - if the day ever comes that it breaks I may cry. As for reels, I've never found one I truly liked just ones I've hated less. For what its worth, so far I hate my nautilus NV the least.
  7. The fact that you are thinking about it shows you aren't a total dick. When you have a kid, you will change, as will the relative importance of fishing in your life. Don't fight it you wont win, and you wouldn't like yourself if you did.
  8. I fell in the canal when I skipped out of my sisters graduation ceremony at MMA - dress shoes weren't the wisest choice...nor was it wise to answer "I peed my pants" when my mother asked why I was all wet.
  9. The first rule of fishing - make sure the fish doesn't catch you...
  10. Wifey made this...she'd also point out she made the kid...
  11. When they took down the statues of Ronald McDonald and Grimmace I said nothing... Now I can only say "I'm sorry."
  12. Thank you
  13. Its been a long time since I kept a fish, and I may just be misremembering... But is it lawful to continue to fish after you have decided to keep a fish (or max limit for species that have one) So like if you catch a 30" striper and keep it, if you make another cast is that legal? I seem to think it isn't but that might have been for trout and might have been when I lived in NH many many years ago.