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  1. Those are some impressive stats and nice pics. If I went the LC route it definitely would be used just for the beach. Have you used it for any towing?
  2. That looks like a great set up !
  3. Plan is to travel solo and light. Might build an elevated plywood bed frame with extra storage underneath. On trips with more than 1 person a tent or small camper (towing capability is a plus with 4 Runner) will be the go to plan. But for weekly beach use for fishing this will be a 1 person act. If I can’t get a truck this size geared up for just me then I have way too much stuff. Poles and extra gear can go on the roof. To keep it simple: poles -fishing gear-portable toilet-sleeping pad- food supply for 1-2 days. Just the basics. Next post will be about an affordable camper...after I finally decide on the truck !
  4. Any thoughts on price for a used 2017 base model 4 Runner?
  5. For beach driving would you leave off the running boards? Looks like they would bottom out. My master plan of getting a fuel efficient SUV that has a large towing capacity and can handle the sand is fading real fast ! Diesel options anyone?
  6. Are we talking stock tires or does it make sense to bite the bullet and buy beach specific ones?
  7. The 4 Runner is a great truck, just can’t wrap my head around the MPG. Any suggestions on a good year or model for the 4 Runner? Definitely would be looking for a used one, the new ones are just a bit above my pay grade. Thanks for the reply!
  8. I’m Beach Buggy shopping and looking for your top pick(s) on an suv/crossover that can handle the following: -Drives well on sand -Decent gas mileage -enough room in the back to sleep in -has a decent towing capacity (can handle a 5000 lb camper) -if well maintained can get up to 150k + miles -looking to avoid getting a pick up truck, great cars just not what I’m looking for. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Brian. Seems like the teaser set up got the most action for me. I also saw a few guys who picked up some Spanish Mackerel fishing it with a deadly dick a few weeks ago. Going to hit the night time surf after Labor Day, hoping the action picks up. I read a few posts of guys using gulp as trailers on bucktails from the surf instead of the traditional synthetic trailers, anyone have luck trying that?
  10. Update on summer fishing: landed some good bass and blues, mostly on tins. Looking to start using bucktails for the fall run. Question: Anyone fish a bucktail and a teaser on the same rig from the surf or jetty? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, guys, I really appreciate it. A few months in and I'm starting to figure things out, I think?! I made the decision to invest in a 10ft pole with a 8000 series reel. Put on 30lb braid with a 30 lb mono leader. This set up has been great for surfcasting from the open ocean on the South Shore. I've been switching between a diamond jig and a white bucktail with gulp. I'm thinking of picking of a swim shad, any suggestions on size/color/weight? I'm also going to set up my 7 ft pole with a hi lo rig for stripers/blues and use bunker for bait, this would be for fishing from the piers, possibly some spots in the back bays if I can make my way to them. Any thoughts on other bait(s) or rig set ups to use? Thanks again for replies.
  12. Hello all - Looking for suggestions on what's the best line-leader set up on two new poles I'm setting up: a) 7ft med heavy rod, reel mono capacity (yds/lbs) 165/15 , 105/20 b) 7ft med heavy rod, reel mono capacity (yds/lbs) 212/10, 155/12 I'll be fishing mainly on South shore of Long Island at Jones Beach Inlet and piers with a few runs to Long Beach and Robert Moses. Looking to go after what ever is in season throughout the year. Any suggestions you could offer would be great. Thanks in advance.