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  1. Good to know. Someone told me that same thing about the ledge last wk. I’ve never been to that area on the yak but noted. I am very curious though. But yeah it’s been tough closer inside. But limits if you grind it out.
  2. You’re right. Didn’t have this issue last mo or even 2 weeks ago during the cooler temps. Just annoying. I had to give it several tries before I launched this morning until it finally stayed put, only to come out on the water. Yeah I’ll have to give the tape a try. Thanks man.
  3. Bumping this as I’m experiencing the same thing w my Reveal. The connectors keep popping out. I had a feeling it would eventually happen. Though I figured it would last longer than a month. Note: NO dialectric grease or the like ever used. I’ve cleaned the connectors and inside the connector holes in the unit carefully with a qtip. Bone dry and they still pop out. My bad if I missed it but drmevo (or anyone else), did you end up finding a fix for the connectors popping out?
  4. Gotta love the fight. They didnt just crawl in a corner when down big early on. Even Jaylen mouthing at KD from the sideline. They were physical & theyre all going to need to play well again. I’d like to see Kemba get going. Smart hit 3s and made big shots, Tristan was big. But ultimately, JT’s gotta carry them. See what happens tonight. The Garden is going to be bananas!
  5. Blow it up. Even with this team at full strength, including JB theyre still not good enough to win the East, nm banner 18. JT is locked. Time Lord stays. Next yr he’s going to be a real problem. Hopefully he can stay healthy. Everyone else is fair game as far as I’m concerned. You need to give up value to get value right? Start with Smart. I’m a Kemba guy but he’s no longer cardiac CHA Kemba. Big JB fan also but again, value for value. If there was a way to keep him and still do a major shakeup, fine. When they get bounced, Danny will say - “We’ve had too many injuries, as well as dealing with covid. I’d like to give it another shot with these guys.” So what game do the celts steal this series? I thought it would’ve been lastnight…
  6. That thing is a feather. The weight alone makes it deserving of a consideration. Until you get to that price. Cmon Hobie lol. There’s definitely a market for these, especially w the fw crowd. The Dune does look nice though.
  7. Tks for the reports boulder and Riddler. Happen to hook up into anything else? Tog or stripers?
  8. I predict it will be crazier. My go to spots in my neck of the woods have been and I expect no different at that hot spot. I will say, one good thing is seeing all sorts of yaks and setups in person. It’s like a kayak show in a way. Get to talk to folks about their rigs and what not. Maybe someone even offers you a demo on something you’ve been interested in but couldn’t try out. But yes, a Zoo nonetheless. Stick to week days if possible.
  9. Ready but can’t go opening day. Post the Zoo pics!
  10. TY TimS, GSR & SOL. Done deal, closing.
  11. You got it. PM coming.
  12. Np, sounds good.
  13. I know you asked for a pic but seeing you’re so close, we can meet up in Cranston if you like? I’ll be free this afternoon.
  14. Cart not included. Sure, I’ll get a pic of that in the morning.
  15. Looks like there’s some interest for a Revo 11 so I’m listing a great condition 2016 in Ivory Dune. Orig owner, very well cared for, garage kept. You’d be hard pressed to find a cleaner R11 around with the ct vantage seat. Hull, seat, drive ALL in great shape. One of the carry handles has a little wear. I’ve wrapped it with some electrical tape for good measure. It’s perfectly fine now. It weighs nothing (by pedal kayak standards). 64lbs. It’s light, fast and super maneuverable. It handles big swells and chop just fine, like the 13. How do I know this? Because I’ve owned and used both in those conditions. The 11 actually feels a tad more stable, being slightly wider. Mods: 2 Yak Attack 8” GT90 gear tracks precisely installed evenly, because I am anal like that. Hobie thru hull plug for FF/wiring inside the right map pocket, which has also been upgraded to the rubber hookless version. You will receive both mesh pockets as well. That’s it for mods. Simple, effective and clean. Also Includes: -Hobie paddle -Hobie foot straps for the mirage pedals -Hobie scupper plugs (never used) -Hobie plug cassette -Hobie shallow gear bucket -Brochure & owner’s manual $1650 pickup in RI. Not interested in any trades. Ready to go.