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  1. Last few mornings around the outer harbor have been good for top water including this greedy bastard. Not the greatest picture but you can see the tail of what I assume to be most of a herring in its mouth.
  2. Was at a few lots in Dennis earlier this week and according to the signs, resident parking is enforced starting at 8am. In all cases, my truck was still there when I got back without a ticket. At the town harbor lot near Sesuit, there is an automated kiosk, so you can walk to the jetties or either of the beaches over there.
  3. Off Thompson's Island and around the mouth of the Neponset would be good, I bet. I have seen both kayak and fly fishermen in both locations.
  4. I have a couple pairs of Goodr sunglasses. $25 each for polarized lenses.
  5. Wasn’t so much that I was attached to it so much as I thought the color mattered. Nice to know that the jig head color is not a big deal. Traded that concern for one over lead poisoning, so that’s cool.
  6. Thanks, all.
  7. As I was contemplating what I was doing wrong on my third consecutive fish-less trip, I got to thinking of a recent touch up of some bucktails in my plug bag. They were scuffed from dragging bottom (should I expect this? Got them from Bass Pro. I understand I want to avoid bottom I want to avoid bottom but it was immediately fatal). So having read that people use clear nail polish for plug repair and closing cut rings, figured colored nail polish was ok. Patched the scuffs with white polish and then covered again with clear polish. Did I mess up? Is there any reason to think that the faint nail polish scent would put off the fish on those lures or worse get into the bag and taint the rest of the lures? Thoughts appreciated.
  8. On my last trip to Florida, I brought my travel rod in its case which is 25.5" long, just outside of the limit of carry on max length of 24". I put the case in a large suitcase on the way down and while I was waiting to board, I saw a guy with his travel case, roughly the same size, over his shoulder. On the way home, I strapped it to my backpack and nobody batted an eye.
  9. 6 month old frozen clams for the win yesterday at low tide. Nothing doing in the same spot this morning.
  10. Got two schoolies Saturday and and one yesterday between 18-22", all three on a white bucktail with Fat Cow eel tail in the same spot. When things died down on Saturday, I went over to Castle Island and watched some birds move bait fish around the harbor but the bastards never pushed them in close enough to put them within casting distance.
  11. I think at either 4500 or 5000 they stop including it.
  12. Seconded. Their Spicy Italian Spears are my current favorite.
  13. @zak-striper, fortunately, this was a $7 mistake but I want to learn from it nevertheless. Looked at the schematic this morning and removed the kick lever and associated spring. Bail no longer trips itself and seems like it rotates fine. My only concern now would be the balance of the rotor is off a bit. I don't have a kitchen scale to confirm but it feels like the weight is not nothing.
  14. @Sudsy and @Seadogg where does the washer go?
  15. On the uphill slope of the trip ramp or the square face of it? It’s a Saltist 4000.