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  1. Not for these specific pliers but I have used 50# braid to make a snell knot with a few dozen wraps. From there, tie a loop for the lanyard to connect.
  2. I use salted squid strips and Mad Cow jigging strips interchangeably and am glad Mass DMF left that as an option when they drafted their updated circle hook regulations. Also, Skinner posted a couple videos this past winter using bucktails in Florida waters. If memory serves on one trip he caught 9 or 10 separate species on one with Gulp.
  3. Is there a lead free alternative folks suggest for Trout Magnets?
  4. Cool. The other three wheels are in various stages of falling off, so I will do that for the rest of them, too. To answer previous questions, they did not roll by design but I like the idea of them being able to do so.
  5. Magnetic ✅
  6. It’s been at least two years since the Easter Bunny wrapped this bad boy around Mr. McGregor’s favorite tree and I’m sick of it taunting me to fix it. Not sure if it’s aluminum or tin or what have you but it is very thin and lightweight. Thoughts on the best way to reattach the wheel? Epoxy, glue and soldering are within my wheelhouse, welding is not.
  7. I have the LL Bean travel rod and like it just fine.
  8. Hot off the presses: Massachusetts will be updating circle hook regulations "...DMF’s circle hook rule needs to be amended for compliance with the interstate plan, and DMF will be proposing to rescind the exemptions for anglers onboard for-hire vessels and anglers fishing with natural baits affixed to artificial lures." https://www.mass.gov/news/anticipated-rule-making-for-the-winter-of-2021?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery
  9. To add to the local input here, when I went last year, I did a bit of research within and outside of this site and was able to find a fair amount of info discussing fishing in the area I was going, in my case Cape Canaveral. Was able to hook up from surf and pier with paddle tail minnows and bucktails. Everyone I met on the pier reinforced the shrimp message echoed above.
  10. What set up are you running with them? Have not had any luck with them but they are always in my bag.
  11. Sorry for the confusion. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a video game.
  12. Nice, I got one a few years ago and makes a world of difference. Got the one that bolts into a vertical surface rather than free standing. Santa brought me a TFO 11’ surf rod and my wife somehow won a raffle for a PS5. Yesterday I figured out how to fish in AC Valhalla so I spent what seems like a totally reasonable amount of time fishing in the surf off East Anglia for monster halibut. The cod fishery is also healthy.
  13. Just found some verbiage in the DMF FAQ on the 2020 regulation changes that indicates additional changes might be need to be made in 2021. Would be interesting to see new lures on the market that align to the new regulations.