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  1. In the bays I will use a bucktail tipped with a Gulp grub (either 5" or 6") and a Tsunami Silicon Glass Minnow teaser about a foot above the bucktail. I typically tip the teaser with a 5" Gulp mullet, nemesis, or grub - I find myself varying the teaser bait and I tend to find that the smaller the bait, the smaller the fluke. If I am surfcasting, I will use a baitholder hook for the teaser and tip it with a Gulp 4" mullet or a Gulp jerk shad.
  2. Just went ahead and bought the Evict 3000. The Spinfisher or BG will probably be the next reel I get. Will report back after getting some good use out of the Evict. Thanks guys!
  3. I have a 9' Tsunami Trophy II Medium Heavy paired with a Penn Slammer 5500 (30 lb Power Pro). It has been a workhorse since I started using it in May. Handled a 30 lb cownose the other day beautifully. But, I have also been able to use it for bucktailing and throwing plugs - casts very well.
  4. Thanks a lot for the help!
  5. What about the Evict 3000?
  6. Looking to spend under $200
  7. I've looked at that, have only heard good things. Also looking at Daiwa Saltist Back Bay 3000, Penn Spinfisher, & Tsunami Evict.
  8. I am looking for a reel for my 7' Medium Action Carbon Shield II. I will be using this setup for inshore fishing, back bays, and docks in New Jersey - looking to catch fluke, stripers, blue, etc. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Has anyone had any issues with the Tsunami Evicts? I am looking for a 3000 size reel for my 7' Tsunami Carbon Shield and have seen a number of guys pair it with the Evict.
  10. I have only heard great things about the Carbon Shield II rods and one person actually told me to get it for my 5500 - but I was looking for as many options as possible. Also thats a great catch!
  11. Thank you for the in depth response, I really appreciate it. Like you said at the beginning, I have the reel and I just want to use it for inshore fishing as well - as opposed to buying a whole new setup. I have a 9' surf rod for it but would like to use my Slammer in the back bays of Long Beach Island, NJ for any kind of fishing. I understand the 5500 is heavy, I have a 4000 setup too that I have been using for the bays - fluke, stripers, blue, etc. But if I can buy a spare inshore rod that can offer versatility for jigging, plugs, and bucktails I would rather do that than buy another rod/reel setup. Thanks again for the help!
  12. I was looking for some versatility - bucktails, plugs, jigging, live lining, etc. Some of the lures would be bucktails, poppers, jigs. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  13. I was looking for some versatility - bucktails, popper, jigging, live lining, etc. Some of the lures would be bucktails, poppers, jigs. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi, I recently got a Penn Slammer 5500 and I was looking to pair it with an inshore rod to fish on the boat/back bays. I have 30 lb braid on my Slammer and was looking at a Lamiglas B7030s, but would like to see if anyone had other rods that paired well with their Slammer 5500. Thanks!