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  1. Do the Hydro Minnows come with Mustad trebles? I know the stock hooks on the Yo-Zuri's are better than the SP's, just wasnt sure what brand the hooks were.
  2. I have a 4000 Stradic FL on mine and it seems to balance well
  3. Just bought the 7'6" MH version yesterday. Haven't used it yet, but seems very solid. Will update after first outing.
  4. Awesome, thank you for the help!
  5. Thanks for the input! What kind of straps do you use to hold the kayak down on the bars? I am looking to get a Hobie Outback.
  6. Looking to purchase a kayak for this summer, but am still in the process of finding a roof rack for my 2016 Grand Cherokee. Does anyone use a Thule Squarebar Evo and if so, do you use any additional mounts for your kayak?
  7. Thanks, Gosa is what I was thinking. If only they were in stock.
  8. Gonna tag onto this revival as well. Looking for a new surf reel for my 9' MH Trophy II. Anyone using the new Gosa with it? I had a slammer 5500 on it and it is too heavy I think.
  9. Tsunami Saltx, great rod with top notch components. So far, so good for me.
  10. For anyone that has one, is the Ultegra worth saving $50 instead of ponying up for a Stradic?
  11. Forgot to follow up on this. What kind of lures do you typically use and at what weight?
  12. I have an old clash 4000 laying around. Might just use that and buy the new Gosa for my 9’ Tsunami.
  13. How does the Goas 5000 SWA balance on a 9 footer?
  14. Great advice, appreciate the insight and time!
  15. This is great info, thank you! If I didn't have a 9' Tsunami Trophy II, I would look at the DNA 9' for sure.