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  1. Looking to sell gently used JW Night Ranger 7' MH rod. Only used a few times, don't really have a use for the rod. $190 picked up or you pay the shipping.
  2. Will these peanut blitzes continue to move South or will they shut off immediately? Seems unlikely to me, but I am no expert
  3. Found the fleet this morning….which means nothing since I didn’t get a bite. Oh well, short window early tomorrow morning.
  4. OC this morning, tons of peanuts on the lip - no fish on them, very frustrating. Hoping they make their move south
  5. I just saw a video from a NJ tackle shop saying the Tsunami Saltx reel is dropping $100. Anyone have a reason why? Is Tsunami coming out with a second generation of the reel? Certainly could use some improvements, based of my experience with the reel.
  6. Following this thread as well, as I am staying on the water a little more North of the Assawoman - in Fenwick. If throwing artificials, what fish are around?
  7. I think I’m good with my Saragosa
  8. Went through 3 of them before I finally sold the last replacement they sent me. The first 2 grind like crazy so I sent them back, got replacements both times. Opted to just get a Saragosa and love it so far.
  9. Anyone buy a new Mojo inshore lately and experiencing the same issues? Seems like there was a lot of them breaking when they first came out.
  10. For now I am looking at the 7'6", I appreciate the response and if anything changes I will let you know
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