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  1. Okay let's do $100 shipped
  2. Could you do $85 shipped?
  3. Anyone buy a new Mojo inshore lately and experiencing the same issues? Seems like there was a lot of them breaking when they first came out.
  4. For now I am looking at the 7'6", I appreciate the response and if anything changes I will let you know
  5. Do you have any pictures?
  6. Leaning more towards a Shimano Teramar Inshore SE 7'6" MH
  7. Bump to see if anyone has a new teramar
  8. Definitely interested, will wait to see if anyone has a newer rod they are looking to sell. When did you purchase?
  9. I am in Annapolis, MD. Do you have any pictures?
  10. Looking for a Shimano Teramar Inshore 7'6" MH Spinning rod or similar 7'6" spinning rods.
  11. Which size mojo?
  12. I went to the store over the weekend and felt the 7'6" Mojo Inshore MH. That rod is definitely less of a broomstick than the new Triumph that I had in the same rating. Although, it seems like there might be some cases of the new mojos breaking since they first came out. Not sure if this has been fixed.
  13. Shimano Saragosa 6k
  14. Appreciate the insight, everyone raves about the DNA and it has been on my radar for a few years now to buy. But, I've been holding onto a J&H gift card and they don't sell ODM. Off topic, but anyone know why J&H doesn't sell ODM?
  15. Anyone using the 8' model yet? Curious to see how that would compare to an ODM DNA