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  1. Yea, that would really suck for sure.
  2. Thanks brushfly. Your first sentence is what I'm afraid of. If it never existed, it may be difficult or impossible to get the permit. On the other hand, I'm hearing that installing for the purpose of a boat lift shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Thanks guys. I definitely will be contacting a reputable dock company but didn't want to put an offer on a house if I couldn't get the piling or dock I need for the boat.
  4. Hello all, Hoping there are some members here that are experienced/knowledgeable with the regulations of installing/reconfiguring docks and pilings. I get so many different stories/information from these real estate agents my head is spinning. I'm looking to buy a house on the water and one of the most important requirement is for me to be able to dock my boat. Many house lack the pilings or piers that was hoping to have so here are some questions for Merrick/Bellmore/Wantagh area: 1. Can new piling be installed strictly for the purpose of installing a boat lift? I hear this is a non issue to get the permits for, whether one (pilings) currently exists or not. 2. Is it possible to get permits to install new piling if it never existed for the purpose of tying a boat and a floating dock? 3. Is it possible to get permits to reconfigure the existing pilings? 4. Is it possible to install a pier if one never existed? I do see other house nearby that has them but I'm told if one never existed, it will most likely not be possible. Thanks for any information you can help with. I really don't need opinions and am hoping to hear from the experts or people who are in this industry. If you have a home in these areas and you have gone through some of these, I would love to hear your experiences as well. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks SOL and Tim. I am going to keep the rod. Closing this thread.
  6. Don't know how to edit the original post. I want to update the rod condition from mint to excellent. Rod is in excellent condition as if new in a store out on display with some light minor scuffs from handling or rubbing onto other rods. No scratches or chips.
  7. Sorry. 22 is already sold.
  8. Sold to Ged. Just the rod left. Thanks.
  9. Sorry Dean, Gotta do all business here.
  10. Sold to Jerry. PM on the way
  11. Here are more pics. Jed second in line if GB doesn't take it.
  12. For sale: Ron Arra Surf Pro XSRA 1321-2 in mint condition. Used once and has been sitting collecting dust since I used the older version of this rod. Asking $275. Zx27 in very good condition with power knob. Spooled with 300 yards of Suffix 832. Comes with bag and box. Asking $750 Zx22 in fairly good condition with 150 yards of 30# Suffix 832. Comes with box. No bag. Some usual rash. Asking $550 Both reels serviced by Zeebaas in April 2021 and not used since. Pick up in long Island. I am in Nassau County but work in Suffolk county. Willing to ship reels but you pay shipping and insurance.
  13. Was out from 4am to 7am. Water was clean and I had about 8 fish. 25 inches to 30 inches. Mostly shorts. Water was 53 deg on the flood. Beautiful conditions this morning.