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  1. I worked with a guy like that. Always talking about some government conspiracy. Finally one day I told him of a shipmate that was on a smoke break and she saw how everything happened on 9/11 at the Pentagon. She saw everything as it happened and after she told a few people what actually hit the building, she disappeared. No one knows what happened to her. Lol! Then I told him he needed to keep these truths to him self because she's not the only one who has mysteriously disappeared. I finally got him to shut the **** up.

  2. I hear you guys and i do take your knowlege with me. 20 yrs of service taught me to care for my weapons.

    While deployed my weapons took abuse but nothing like these tests on YouTube.

    I don't think I could spend the money looking and hoping to find an indestructible fire arm. I use what I trust is reliable and go from there. If I take these YouTube videos as final answer then I might as well carry a slingshot.

  3. lets be honest, the more religious a man is, the more he comes across as trying to hide his homosexuality.




    ive never met a super religious guy that I didn't think was secretly smooching pickle.

    Dude! I'm quietly eating a burger before work and I actually laughed out loud. Everyone in the DQ just looked over at me. Lady asked me what was so funny and I replied with reading about priests nailing altar boys. She just got up and sat at a different table.

    Anyways, I was raised Catholic but I don't believe anymore. I see people for who they are and not what religion they practice.

  4. Christmas hasn't been anything but a borish holiday for ages, to me. Once you get your first bicycle as a present, it's all downhill from there.


    Even as an atheist, I still enjoy the religious music, but don't much care for the secular tune nonsense. I'm glad the hubub days are behind me. Cash for the kids, and we're done.

    You said it! I'm glad I got off my ass and sent my kids money a week ago. My Debit card got cloned last week and my whole checking account was cleaned out! The world is full of *** *****!
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