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  1. Update on SD9VE.The apex trigger spring kit was a huge improvement! If anyone is looking for a budget 9mm for whatever reason, I highly recommend it.
  2. My end of the year cull hunt went well. 1 hog,2 spikes, and 3 doe. My cuz shot the axis. It was four days of eating, drinking,and laughter. Hopefully I'll be invited back in the spring for some a hog hunt.
  3. I finally made it to my cousin's place to participate in this years management cull hunt. So far Two spikes and a hog. Ive been tasked with 3 does by Fiday.
  4. I worked with a guy like that. Always talking about some government conspiracy. Finally one day I told him of a shipmate that was on a smoke break and she saw how everything happened on 9/11 at the Pentagon. She saw everything as it happened and after she told a few people what actually hit the building, she disappeared. No one knows what happened to her. Lol! Then I told him he needed to keep these truths to him self because she's not the only one who has mysteriously disappeared. I finally got him to shut the **** up.
  5. Not because of the video but i think everyone should have one.
  6. BTW, that guys channel is great.Well hell....then all we need is a glock if the world freezes over, then turns into an inferno. I understand what you guys are saying. The glock19 is my next purchase.
  7. My cuz last night. He's allowed one trophy per year. He works there. Hopefully ill get to shoot some leftovers in January.
  8. I installed the spring kit this morning. Trigger still feels gritty but the pull is much lighter. I do like this gun. Maybe after a few rounds it will get better. I'll keep you posted.
  9. I hear you guys and i do take your knowlege with me. 20 yrs of service taught me to care for my weapons. While deployed my weapons took abuse but nothing like these tests on YouTube. I don't think I could spend the money looking and hoping to find an indestructible fire arm. I use what I trust is reliable and go from there. If I take these YouTube videos as final answer then I might as well carry a slingshot.
  10. Well if you want to beat the **** out of your weapons like that and expect it to work flawless buy a tank. Lesson learned. Don't abuse the gun you trust your life with.
  11. Chapa


    Dude! I'm quietly eating a burger before work and I actually laughed out loud. Everyone in the DQ just looked over at me. Lady asked me what was so funny and I replied with reading about priests nailing altar boys. She just got up and sat at a different table.Anyways, I was raised Catholic but I don't believe anymore. I see people for who they are and not what religion they practice.
  12. You said it! I'm glad I got off my ass and sent my kids money a week ago. My Debit card got cloned last week and my whole checking account was cleaned out! The world is full of *** *****!
  13. Merry Christmas BC. Cowboy's.....eff'N Circus!
  14. These guys wanted 36.00 for a box of 357 magnum PNC jacketed soft point 50 ct. Wally World has boxes of 50ct averaging from 21.00 to 25.00 in win,fed, and others. I was looking for range ammo so I took home 4 boxes of perfecta fmj for 16.99 each.
  15. Does it go good with biscuits, eggs and cheese? How about toast and mustard? Will it add flavor to pinto beans?
  16. oh please don't make this another Cowboy's thread.13 for 15 that's pretty damn good.
  17. All my fishing gear I sold when I got divorced.
  18. I don't know guys. Every time I see and hear this guy talk on TV I keep waiting for the orderlies to come in and take him back to the institution. I know he's a brain surgeon and all but he comes across as being an imposter. Ha ha ha ha! Sorry guys it makes me chuckle.
  19. How was the game? I missed it. Oh wait my Cowboy's still suck. Well at least there's next year and the 19 years after that. Flipp'N Circus!
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