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    mostly pluggin the shores of S.I. but I`ll throw bait & sling some EELZ
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  1. I want to know what white guy is Hollywood going to blame for this probably the camera guy
  2. Nine line apparel is also a good business I support. There was a time when almost all of the newstands in NYC were owned and run by a vet, flushed them right outta that ........Johnny
  3. 13 and 51 please PayPal on its way thnx..........Johnny
  4. Thnx Guys.....Johnny
  5. Thanx for input guys ......Johnny
  6. Thnx for the info JM.....Johnny
  7. Well after about 19 months I'm finally going to pick up my New York City pistol permit, so I'm contemplating getting the Glock 30S anybody have any opinions or owns this model I would appreciate any input, originally I wanted to get a G27 but after multiple discussions with some people I decided to get away from the 40 caliber, my second choice is probably going to be the Smith & Wesson Governor thanks for any advice or input...........Johnny
  8. Good luck Mully , My advise would be to do some extended research on the surgeon before you commit its a major operation,I'm 3 weeks post op from total knee replacement ouch, went to special surgery in the city they are like a well oiled machine there, one of my fishing buddies 4 weeks ago had his shoulder replaced and my other buddy recently had his hip replaced lol all due to years of rock hopping and falling getting old bro..........Johnny
  9. To this day I cant watch any of it I cringe at the commercials,still the most horrific memory of my life, ........Johnny
  10. That really sucks John was a great guy and very generous with his plugs I have some from way back that he gave me RIP.............Johnny
  11. Im going to give it another week or so.if not then Ill cut down a 24' slug barrel, Mossberg never stocked the 18.5s but they used to make them to order until about 3 or 4 years ago thanx for your input .....Johnny
  12. Thanks for the reply PS ,I had called them and the rep told me they no longer carry them, to check fleabay......Johnny
  13. For project that I am doing Mossberg discontinued this barrel,anyone got a lead on one?.....thnx. Johnny
  14. Title says it all Mossberg used to make the barrel but they discontinued it , was just looking to see if anyone might have a lead on one thnx........Johnny
  15. Ill take one of each for the asking price XB......Johnny