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  1. $80 + shipping or meet up on SI thnx.........Johnny
  2. Billy40
  3. I never intended to but I have bought certain plugs years ago to fish from some great builders who have since passed on and they're value has hit a hundred or more , they're in my bag when conditions and time of year dictate........Johnny
  4. Had these in the late 60s early 70s the bazooka was sick
  5. Great player but a cancer We had a guy like him a while ago another me me me guy Jeremy Shockley (he didnt get to stay around) & oh he doesn't have a ring.When a player doesn't care aboUT his actions hurting the team I have no use for him. Hence my point about the culture of the franchise going in the wrong direction but OBJ was just one of many issues they have .
  6. Figured this is the best place to find you so how come Steve no more T&L ,always my favorite reads 2nd only to TimS old old front pages ......Johnny
  7. Let me preface my post by saying I'll be 54 in a few weeks and I have been a Giant fan my entire life my family have been season ticket holders since the Yale Bowl ,2 yrs ago we gave up 8 of our 10 season tickets ,we've been gouged bounced around in the stadiums,and PSL'D to death, but I always had a certain feeling about being a fan of a team that was considered in my eyes and many others as the class of the NFL but that feeling has been eroding for the last few years. I believe the tone for almost everything is set at the top and I thought for along time that John Mara would fit well in his Dad's Wellington s shoes but the case is that he can't fill one with two of his feet. Mr. Mara must be turning over in his grave after seeing His organization being run into the ground like this, after the mishandling of Tom Coughlin s departure to the Odell Beckham disgraceful bull****,to the cowardly excerpts of the Head coach and now the dispicable treatment of a HOF quarterback who only exemplified what I thought it meant to be NY Giant . John Mara is turning out to be another selfish greedy owner who has lost the human element that his Dad Wellington displayed to everyone from the hot dog guy to the trainer or to some fan or season ticket holder like me. The major differences I think I see is Wellington Mara loved the Giants the game it's players and it's fans and I think John Mara loves being the owner of The Giants big difference in my eyes well he's getting his last 2 tickets back.........Johnny
  8. Great band awesome memories for me in the late 70s they came to NY just about every summer as a bottom band great shows at the Palladium my friends and i caught every one of them RIP.........Johnny
  9. Awesome fish........OE's a great operation hands down............Johnny
  10. Thnx John great job..........Johnny
  11. $$$ sent thnx John........Johnny
  12. JMB I think u missed my post on the previous page lemme know.......Johnny
  13. I'll take 4 thnx.....Johnny
  14. Whiplash for the surf tufline xp or suffix performance on the boat.....Johnny