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  1. Totally relate. Fishing is not an ethical sport. There is no question about it. Its how much of that can you tolerate, and what you can do to mitigate harm that is the more important part. For me, I've been replacing trebles and crushing barbs. Reporting poaching when I can. Avoiding live bait. Supporting scientist backed regulations for fish. Selective harvest. Calling out other anglers respectfully when I see them mishandle fish. I think the last one has been something that can be hard to do sometime but it can leave a big impact if done respectfully. I remember last year, I taught someone not to pull hooks out if swallowed and to cut the line instead. If he continues that practice, that could've been a lot of fish saved over a lifetime. Same with reviving fish, etc. All that adds up. At some point, I hope the good I can do for fish will outweigh the harm I've caused.
  2. Hey sorry man I went to bed before this reply. How did your day go? I ended up fishing east river/long island sound area. Got a bunch of short fluke, robins and a dink striper. Water temps looked good 67-69 degrees during incoming.
  3. Im still open to fishing tomorrow. I will be kind of disoriented as I just set up my new Lowrance 7 ti2 and will be trying to figure out how to use it. Im located close to the queens/LI border.
  4. I have a 9ft St. Croix Mojo. It is rated for 1-4oz. I had someone local shorten the rod by 3inches to cast a heavier load better. I'd say the sweet spot is 1.5-3oz. I fish a 3/4 oz bucktail with a 5'' swimbait (weighs about 1.25oz total) on this rod and it doesn't load fully but on a on a low wind day, I can get about 150-170 feet with it (measured using number of reel cranks). Good condition. I took the tags off of this rod September of last year (used for about 3/4 of a season total). Just some normal wear and tear on the rod. I'd let it go for for $110. Located in boston now. Will be driving down to NYC next Saturday and can stop along the way. Or I can ship at cost, I have a shipping tube.
  5. ^ this sounds perfect
  6. Maybe jigging a worm imitation under a float? 1/8oz jig head with a small worm under a weighted float or maybe a small worm wacky rigged, splitshot a few inches above that, and a weighted float
  7. What's left?
  8. @CWitek certainly. thank you for the reminder.
  9. I can't tell if this is sarcasm but I assure you the virus is real. I work in healthcare and I have a panel of about 20 patients. 5 of them got the virus. One of them died... Please don't throw dirt on those who died from this.
  10. @CWitek I would love a sleigh ride from a shark. Do you see any blue sharks inside of 3 miles from shore? Hmm kingfish. What kind of structure do they congregate around?
  11. Such a beautiful fish.
  12. I want to start planning now to prepare for summer doldrums. I missed the entire May and June of fishing in NY, and I want to make the most out of the rest of this year. For what species is there still an OK bite going into late July - August? Besides snapper blues lol. I can fish kayak and shore accessible waters. Does this sound right? Please correct me if I am wrong. Fluke - ok bite, not great Weakfish -ok bite, not great Robins - willing to bite Stripers - probably not, (unless fishing at night?) Sea Bass - decent ocean bite? Is near shore ocean fishing affected to the same degree as the bay fishing? Do you think we could see some mahi or school tuna near shore (kayak accessible)?
  13. I crush all barbs for freshwater and replace trebles with singles where I can. I think with smallies and fish that jump, singles hold better than trebles. I may be wrong though. IMO, a crushed single will be just as effective as a barbed single. Same as saltwater, just keep a bend in the rod at all times. To be honest with you, I'm much more aware of keeping pressure on the fish now and I actually drop less fish now than before.
  14. no worries.
  15. Do you feel comfortable eating fluke out NJ/NY waters raw? I'm not sure if there are any specific parasites I should watch out for.