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  1. A good friend of mine guides up on the Sac river and had this issue starting to show itself back in april when we were drifting minnows on the river. He had to switch gears with his guiding strategy. I think its going to be an issue that wont be solved this year. I heard all the shiners come from the midwest somewhere and the guy or the place that supplies them had a bad die off or something and the whole west coast, among other places, will be short this year.
  2. I'm fishing on the west coast we usually use some smaller reels, i have a slammer 3 3500 on that rod.
  3. 6000 seems like a pretty big reel for that type of use. I have a 10'6" DNA with a slammer 3500, my friend uses same reel on his 11' genesis, other buddy uses a vanstall vr50 on his 11' genesis. Seems like 3500-4500 size reels are more common for surf casting around here. I know not all reel manufactures sizing is the same, but i wouldnt want to throw a 6k all day
  4. Theyre open for online sales for sure, they have got a lot of money from me during the pandemic while ive been fishing more! *
  5. Whenever i say , 5 more casts, or Last cast, its usually the last one, or last one +1 and bam, fish on. I usually try not to admit to any lucky items or lucky saying/thoughts/routines as to not jinx them for the future!
  6. Dan, Hope you only hung it up for winter. I know at the end of OCT i hung it up for duck hunting season, naturally now that season is over im gearing back up for striped bass. We should be able to start picking them off around the bay shores starting in March.
  7. This place is re-opened and back in business. New owner seems like a good guy.
  8. If you cant tie a knot, tie a lot!
  9. Sounds like you are in the right spot, and the fish will bite, just need to get the right lure to cross their path! You're close close!!
  10. Hey Dan, i think we may have met on Ocean beach earlier this year... Not completely sure though! Ive had luck sizing down in the bay to match the hatch when nothing else worked. 1/2oz kastmasters, small 3" swimbaits with 3/16oz jig heads. Seems when they are on the bait in the bay they really key in on that size. PM me if you can, i dont think i can send one yet, but glad to share some info or link to fish!
  11. Thanks, I bought another identical reel the next morning, and ordered a new handle. Now i have 2 for redundancy and backup. Couldn't miss another night in a run!
  12. This is a 3500 for record. This is a hand me down reel from a friend, so not sure how much use its had. I know I've taken better care of it since I've owned it. I got it this season and have put maybe 15 fish on it, one to 18lbs, average size here on the west coast is 5-10lb fish so far.
  13. Anybody ever shear off a handle like this?? Was fighting a 10 lb fish, had a little current pull against it, finished his run, took a couple cranks to turn the fish and no drag or anything, handle snapped off. Had to hand line the fish in. Drag wasn’t locked, handle was tight, didn’t seem like anything broke in the reel it still functions fine other than the missing handle!
  14. Listened to the meeting and support for the slot limit. What are the next steps in the process of this becoming the actual regulation?