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  1. got today, thanx. $1,25 for the screw , $6.00 shipping. I was very happy to pay but I still had a good laugh.
  2. shedder crab segments on shad darts in the so jersey back bays.
  3. yeah, we do both but mostly from the surf and truly enjoy them both, my pb was also from the surf ( 50 years ago while in the navy on Nantucket), was at a forum on surf day and lamenting the absence of decent (not big) fish in the surf last few years. at my age I no longer obsess over big fish but boats have had better shots lately. numerous friends have gotten pbs in the last 5 years and surpassed those on subsequent trips. there was a group of new boaters in my local shop who bot up the whole rack (literally) of little neck poppers and couldn't believe how big the fish were or how easy it was. oh well,
  4. my wife and I are retired age 71 and ??? and living on ss after putting 3 wonderful kids thru college. we eat what we catch , almost always fresh or kept for a day or 2. we always were keen on releasing excess and tagged for the littoral society for years and had several returns. if I told you I caught a bass every day I would check the length of my nose. all this week I had 1 good fish on and she broke off (%#$@&&$$%%@)(%&$ !~!). eat what you want/ need. only you can make that decision.
  5. was up on a first bar yesterday and was walking back thru the 4-5 inches of water to the sand. there was like this migration of literally hundreds of them going dead east. as I approached the front wave of them would burrow. never saw anything like it. they were probably moving before low tide stranded them but it was only 1/2 hour or so till low and why would so many all decide to move at once. really cool sight. theres some good recipes online.
  6. yeah , me too but I wasn't planning to use them till several hours later. would be bringing them home till the gals were ready ( yikes !). wondered if I should put them in some wet sand or what.
  7. gonna fish tomorrow w/my wife and sis in law. planning to harvest some crabs at low tide to use later in the day. any suggestions on how to store them ?
  8. we had a summer home in tuckerton for @ 20 years ( sold in 2001 ) and turtles were everywhere , esp snappers in our lagoon. constantly swerving to avoid them. haven't been there in years , howd it make out w/sandy? only heard one report at the time on the news and said it was devastated. sounded pretty dire. great fishing , clamming , crabbing till the final few years when things radically changed for the worse. commercial clammers in the garveys were gone for years and it seemed the end of that industry foretold what was to come. have great pictures of our 3 kids w/bass , weakies , fluke, blues etc etc. hope things have rebounded. btw , I assume you guys know @ using " skin so soft " on the greenheads.
  9. when my local library reopens I am going to see if they can get a copy. worth a shot , cant afford going retail.
  10. i have a hitch ball lock that I never use so I know they are available. it was given to me. u can have mine if u want it. I am in oceanport , NJ.
  11. need one. tried penn in philly and got a beatles '66 - " no reply"
  12. I have had great results w/ " buckos " in mass. dk if they*re still active but I use them for all my mitchells. I have some from the 60*s and 70*s they have worked on. real good cust service.
  13. r j muller says that when loaded w/shot should still float but at an angle to the water.
  14. use them successfully on boat and from jettys during daytime in northern n.j. more success from boat during daytime though. very underused bait in my area I think.
  15. looking to buy new sonar unit for @$500 including transducer. don't really care about gps quality as I have a separate unit. suggestions?