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  1. Yeah to be honest The diciest parts are avoiding the oversized knuckleheads that think they’re invincible because they have radar
  2. Polarized and add a mirrored front to the lens...find a local optical shop and splurge on the lenses themselves not the frame
  3. Norwalk islands jet way out, I get to the triangle in 12 mins 115 hp also most importantly it’s a whaler (dauntless) and a few years old. Huge tank relatively speaking and the hull withstands a decent amount. that said, there are always a few days i turn right back around.
  4. Jimmy? yes dad? it’s your cat....
  5. Yes to both
  6. Norwalk ct guy with a 17ft boat. Nearly half of my boat fishing days I always end up on your side. Any recs/worthwhile options to dock and eat in the area? I am in desperate need of a get out of jail free card next time I start getting upset after another spoiled drift when she gets hung up on the bottom. She caught on to my scheme of tying just too light a bucktail.
  7. This administration? Give me a break with this silly politicizing
  8. Norwalk harbor was a literal minefield last July. Always has been bad, but it just got scary
  9. What a shame...fond memories of that spot from a year at Monmouth University 06-07. he’d pack the surf board and I’d bring my rod. Seemed like we’d always have the place to ourselves.
  10. Original post was targeting ppl that fish this late into the season
  11. This ^ all the poachers disappear by November 20 and the ppl still fishing now seem to be the conservation-minded folks.
  12. Yes. It’s always a good omen. Had a crazed young gull take an sp then get tangled in the line in that nor’easter a few weeks ago. Then proceeded to have best day of the season.
  13. Should have brought home for dinner
  14. You all down in Jersey need to cool it with the undersized photo ops