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  1. I’ve got plenty of plugs to trade if anyone has any habs eggs they would trade
  2. any interest?
  3. I will take #’s 6,8,12 and 13 please
  4. The knob on my handle broke off and I cannot find a replacement as the parts are discontinued. Does anyone know if there is another part that fits this reel, or where I might be able to find one?
  5. It’s 1 of 6 made. Not sure what for though. $25 shipped
  6. I have one lock-in around let me find it and I’ll get back to you
  7. I will take that offer, thank you. Pm me the details for payment pleases
  8. Done
  9. Offer $45 shipped for the darter if you would split it.
  10. Sold, pending payment.
  11. All yours. Sending a message now.
  12. Cyclone Giant $200 shipped
  13. Looking to trade this for a jr troller