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  1. Metal lips
  2. Looking for older J.Stirpe Johnny’s or explorers, Mikes commander or Jaget’s
  3. Honestly I don’t think I wanna trade 2 ccw for it, I’m gonna pass. Sorry and thank you!!
  4. This is all I have for jointed ccw. If you want I have older signed Bill Couch collectible plugs that I’d part with one.
  5. What plugs you interested in for it?
  6. Pictures?
  7. Plenty to trade for a new commander
  8. 3 lights out plugs, pink mack pencil, watermelon troller, yellow slim donny $100 shipped
  9. If you message Jeff I’m sure he’d make you one
  10. I’ll take the blueshark
  11. Respectfully offer $150 shipped
  12. Ok, I’ll message you on Facebook.
  13. May I ask who this is?