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  1. preferably darker colored
  2. preferably darker colored
  3. offer 55 shipped
  4. water, scrub brush and bleach, then rinse with water and let dry outside with cooler lid open
  5. Broke my machine doing something stupid. 18 years old and was running strong. Does anyone have a spare or old one sitting home that they would sell?
  6. Hahah i figured if someone still had it it would be a story like that. Thank you
  7. still have ?
  8. garden or kitty bowl....not worth it
  9. i get what your trying to say... but i’m not a bayman in your definition but i have fished and worked on bay party boats for 5 plus years so i guess i sorta qualify
  10. Still on the market?
  11. where are you located
  12. i’ll take it. pm me
  13. That area is tough this kind of year due to water temps. But in the fall or next may or june. Definitely fish the Huntington area.
  14. awesome boat. wish i had that as a kid
  15. 6 wt for bass, 15 plus inch trout, and getting wrecked by carp
  16. Shouldnt be allowed to keep at all in my opinion but you guys aren't ready for that conversation. Just hope my fluke dont get wiped out next, just like all the old timers did with the cod and winter flounder.
  17. 2 of my friends have them. One loves it, one had minor issues with it immediately. Ive used it a few times. The reel feels great, smooth, and powerful.However, I may seem bias but I think id feel more confident just buying a used VS for a few bucks more.
  18. if you want big fluke, no teaser. big bucktail. 6 inch grub.
  19. whenever the current is too strong to hold with a 2-4 oz bucktail effectively. I do this as well. Its called a chicken rig.
  20. suppose to be only when reeling in
  21. I only use braid but for that reel id prefer mono
  22. Was a bayman my whole life. Started ocean fluking the last few years and wow, you can catch some really big fluke. The bays are good but its hit or miss. The ocean is like that too but the bays have a lot of shorts and birds most times of the year. Yes there is definitely big fish inside but I feel ocean fluking is the best way to increase your odds in catching big door mat fluke. A lot of times you dont catch a lot but the fish you usually hook into are nice. August and early september are the best times. 65-90 foot depending how far you are into August. You just have to pick your days weather wise. Pray you have a good drift. Alot of times the currents ripping or there is no drift at all. My best days are usually when its not dead calm but its not too rough for a 22 center console. I love fishing 2-3 oz bucktails with 6 inch grubs. It may seem big, but to 8-10lb fluke its a snack. Cast upcurrent and work it all the way down until you are scoped out to far. Good luck
  23. Shimano Tranx 200 or 300. Beast. I have the lexa as well thats good too. Dont sleep on a shimano trevala spinning rod with a reel of your choice. I have it with a shield. Spinning rod bucktailing is very underrated.
  24. That is insane. I've only caught juveniles, I cant imagine being able to land that in the surf at night. Awesome.