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  1. BUMP. Still have and looking to trade for Vs 200 or sell just serviced from salt waters bait and tackle on Long Island
  2. VS 150 in great shape with 30lb braid Mechanical 10-10 Cosmetics 7.5-10 standard rock rash from fishing it the way its suppose to LOOKING TO TRADE FOR VS 200 or Sell for 550 bucks.
  3. Looking to trade my custom built ODM Genisis 11 foot. It’s rated 2-6 oz. Great condition. All guides intact. Recently just broke my 10 ft Frontier. So i’m hoping for another Frontier 10’6 or DNA 10’. Will sell for cash too or trade for other 10’ medium rod.
  4. Anyone ever try or have experience with a crome plated brass ferrule?
  5. This poor rod is about good as garbage right The sound of that car door was heart wrenching. RIP my sweet princess. Custom built Frontier
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