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  1. I wasn’t commenting I was asking a question it says 32 on the pack I wanted to know why he was selling for 27 maybe the blems or idk it was a question not a comment. Your nose must be real brown cause ur up my ass all the time moderator
  2. Leave it
  3. Please refrain from comments about pricing. If you are not buying or selling then comments are against the rules.
  4. Joe bags makes nice ones as well they have short and long shank really beefy hooks.
  5. Tsunami makes a bunch of different style bodies that are heavier and lighter.
  6. Like most people have the time between work sleep fish oh why not jus pour your own lol
  7. werent they 50 brand new
  8. Lmao I’m not one of those people, It’s just common sense look at all the musso stuff coming up on the bst already. 30 million unemployed printing over 10 trillion and 0 percent interest rates equals a depression and art doesn’t do well in a depression. People aren’t paying hundreds of dollars for them to fish
  9. I’m out you said I’d post picks on May 21
  10. Id love to have it but they haven’t been going that high I’d respectfully offer 37
  11. Title says it all thanks
  12. That’s not true before these high end bags came out my bronco bags lasted years, my problem is I was out of the game for a couple years car accident broke my legs and now that I’m back I can’t find anything buy these high end bags in the shops I go to. If they take so long to make why are there like 50 in every shop. Are bronco bags still out there I’d gladly spend my money on those
  13. It basically brand new, but I’m going to bail you don’t seem motivated to sell I didn’t see this thread is years old
  14. Plain colors thanks
  15. Plain colors thanks