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  1. WHen you say pedal kayak with trolling motor, do you mean the prop style pedal drive or a pedal drive with a separate trolling motor? FeelFree pedal system can also use a battery in the pedal unit. I've never tested one to know how well it does. Old Town makes kayaks with both. Some models have a pedal drive and other models come with a battery operated motor. Hobie comes with the Fin Style drives. Other Kayak companies are also using prop style and fin style drives. Many top tier kayaks to choose from, it's hard to say one or another is the best. There's only the best one for you. To find it you need to test out some of teh kayaks you're interested in.
  2. I went out. It was busy and I got to have a few laughs watching the boat launch. Didn't catch anything today, but had a nice time. Figured out the new sonar. The white perch were spawing in the rocks close to shore.
  3. Do any of you go out on holiday weekends? I'm debating on heading out today. The local waters have been busy this spring, but we are under different circumstances. I'm thinking with the holiday, going to "Yellow phase" (what a joke), and the first real nice weather of the spring that there is going to be tons of people out. I'll probably head out to try out the new sonar. Not sure how much fishing I'll do. Supposed to be overcast today, so maybe I'll get lucky with the crowds.
  4. 8ft will hold in 6-7' if the current or wind isn't heavy.
  5. Electric Blue Culprit. Used many bags over the years when I was younger. I picked up my first bag at a mom and pop gas station/kitchen outside of Conyers GA back when I was young. Pink is one of my favorite for Trout, Crappie, and inshore. Chartreuse is another favorite.
  6. You could try a clear epoxy. The type used in woodworking. It might not bond to the rust, but should probably hold together better than paint. Put it on thick.
  7. I find this interesting. I've always used flies for wild trout. Around here a native is 6-8 inches and live in very skinny water. I'd probably go for a small original rapala or something similar.
  8. I can't say much about the current production models as I don't have either in new form. My pflueger is a 500 series around 6-7 years old. Still going strong with tons of trout and other fish caught on it. I like it better than the sedona. My sedona is a 1000 series. It's almost 4yo. It's also on an ultralight for trout and whatever else. Still works fine, but I don't grab it as much to fish. It could be the rod, or I'm more used to the pflueger. All in all, I can't tell a difference between that would make a difference on the water. I'd say go for whichever you can get at a better price and then go fishing.
  9. Look at the land. The contours usually continue into the water.
  10. The bluegills are a good idea. I'll give it a go one evening. Even if I can't find him there should be others.
  11. I just ordered a Humminbird Helix 5 for the yak. Has Chirp, DI, GPS, maps. was $350. I can't say if I like it as it won't be here until tomorrow, but it has some nice features. If you don't need all of those features the Humminbird Piranha 4 looked decent. SI would of been nice, I just didn't want to spend that much on something that might easily get stolen or broken. I didn't see any units with sidescan under $450.
  12. Mixed day of some Crappie and largemouth. I had a giant catfish break my line when reeling in a small bass. He came out from under some rocks and grabbed that bass. I was using 12lb mono. My 11yo daughter with her first Largemouth. 6.25lb. Plenty big enough for a certificate/citation.
  13. Found them today! Had a good jig bite for about 45 minutes. Averaged about 12" or so and caught around 20. Some dinks mixed in. Largest was 16". I kept 5 skinny ones for supper. I didn't want to keep the fat ones in case they had roe.
  14. Drum brakes can be an issue when off roading. Heavy mud, water crossings can clog things up. They also don't dissipate heat as well which can cause issues. Most people won't be affected or even notice the rear drums though. Still, as much as a new TRD tacoma goes for these days, rear drums seems like a poor choice.
  15. Very true. Another week of unsettled, cool weather to deal with. Next week is looking decent to give'em another go.