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  1. Went out front last night bounced around a few spots most choked full of weeds with small pockets of fishable water but not a bump... after sunrise moved to a backwater spot and found a bunch of Hickory shad caught them on small cast master till I got bored.. oh well better than getting skunked.
  2. I believe both fish were dead.... I wish I checked if the one inside was dead it didn’t cross my mind
  3. Found this while fishing on the beach today, anyone seen something like this? Should I start throwing some striper patern plugs.
  4. Fished a backwater spot last night landed one decent schoolie
  5. Went out yesterday afternoon into night landed some fresh schoolies and my first ever weakfish 28 inches thought I had a slot striper till it got close.
  6. I use korkers with studds in the bottom definitely saved me from falling a few times.
  7. Friend Of mine was catching schoolies on the vineyard at the end of April last year there should be plenty of fish around by then maybe even some blues.
  8. Last year I caught my first on April 22nd and it only got better from there
  9. I do well this time of year on the warmest days....they pull hard and keep me busy till the salt heats up
  10. I’ve been looking for something like this but haven’t found anything.... I’ve just been using the notepad in my phone.
  11. Not in mass but first laker and caught on bucktail I use for Seabass in buzzards bay.
  12. Can’t wait