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  1. Amazing, I wonder if the fish will get scared with that power scream... -Thanks for sharing
  2. Thank you all for your great input. I have been practicing and with my current set-up I am reaching the fish. Will keep on improving my casting technique!
  3. Before committing to saving the reel, make sure there is no internal damage (broken or nicked gears from the impact) because that would make the repair non cost effective. Now, if all you need is to attach the handle knob and keep this awesome reel fishing, I would recommend to buy a Gomexus knob ($15 total incl. shipping), which comes with a knob shaft, screw and bushings. If you must have the original knob, there is no way to get the screw only as these are riveted and the handle+knob is sold as one unit. I just checked the BG4000 schematics and the handle+knob assembly is Part No. J44-1401 and you can find online for about $30, may be Daiwa will give you a deal if you call them.
  4. In my FL beaches, Berkley Big Game 30lb, handles my Pompano rigs and 3-4 oz sinkers. Excellent quality, consistent and supports USA jobs.
  5. Mono shock leader: Berkley Big game 30lb I use an FG to tie my main braid line to the mono shock leader. Took me sometime to learn it right but I love how slim and reliable the FG knot is. I used to use a 50lb braid shock leader but, at least for my targets and water, the mono is more stealthy and I get more bites. Another advantage of the mono is that you don’t need finger protection.
  6. I love my Ultegra 5500 paired with my Carolina Cast Pro 13' 3-6oz. I usually cast pompano rigs with 3-4 oz sinkers. It easily holds 300 yd of Power pro 15/20lb plus mono shock leader. I am no casting master but I can achieve 100-120 yd when I need to. love how light the reel is, how smooth and it has adequate cranking power and drag for my targets (pompano, whiting, permit, croaker, etc.).
  7. Awesome!! I skipped through the video and missed the second test
  8. I have no idea but by now I have saved literally hundreds. Shimano USA wont do warranty service but in my experience they have good quality inspections and my Shimano reels have always been perfect out of the box. Shimano Europe will warranty them for 2 years though as these shops are authorized European dealers.
  9. I am no reel expert but after seeing @scoobydoo and Alan Hawk's reviews, all I can say is that it looks like a tank of a reel. I think time and users feedback will add even more positive stories to the legend of the Saragosa. The reel is way more than I will ever need in my surf fishing but I love well engineered objects and this 2020 Saragosa as well as the 2020 Saltiga are my holy grails now. Now, I would not be concerned about @scoobydoo submersion test (the 2020 'gosa did not pass it), as he took the reel to conditions it was probably not designed to be subjected to and one of the hypothesis is that water intrusion was caused by and improperly installed/defective seal. I would love @scoobydoo to repeat his test on a pre-inspected reel (checking all the seals are in place and in good shape)...
  10. If you really want one, some European shops will ship the new Saragosa to the US. Even with shipping, total price is 5-15% cheaper that buying in the US...
  11. Excellent! I am about to rewrap a similar old blank. What guides did you use? and what is the distance from the butt to the center of the reel seat?
  13. I have a pair of Danco 7.5" PRO SERIES PLIERS. They are really nice. One thing about Danco is their superb customer service and Lifetime warranty. Before this pair I had one of they Aluminum pliers, they worked well but the grip was not as good as I expected. So I called them to their shop, which is here in Florida. After talking with the customer rep about the type of fishing I do, he upgraded me to the Pro Series at no additional charge.
  14. Don't leave the Shimano Spheros behind, solid sealed as the 'gosa and within your budget...
  15. Will you consider trading the Saragosa for a Brand New Daiwa Emblem Surf Long cast reel?