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  1. Yes, they work fine. Just install and attach your line like normal. What do you want to know specifically?
  2. Some stuff is terrible while other items are very good value. I have purchased several power knobs and they are holding up well. I know some guys that have specific models of fishing rods and they are nice. Not saying they are comparable to a genuine Shimano, Daiwa, etc. but in many cases the quality is close, specially in the low tier product ranges. Not all stuff made in China is terrible. At work we use DJI industrial drones and they are very well made, imagine High end Canon SLR grade. Many “Made in USA” stuff is made with Chinese manufactured components. Of course this quality is reflected on the price. Quality always has a price. As for the success of A express et al, this is partly caused by our own government, the US Postal service has subsidized mail rates from China for decades now (although I believe there is recent legislation to “correct” this). This has put US businesses at a disadvantage. For most relatively small packages, for a Chinese business is cheaper to ship a package from China to a US customer than a US business to ship within the US.
  3. Both Shimano and Daiwa have lower tiers for these type of rods, here some examples: Daiwa Prime Surf T (プライムサーフ T) Daiwa Extra Surf T (エクストラサーフT) Shimano SURF LANDER (振出) Shimano Surf Chaser サーフチェイサー (振出)
  4. Very cool, so they actually give you the sweet spot of the rod. I found the competitor model from Shimano, Pro Select 405BX-T. Also a beauty.
  5. From what I have read online, these rods are rated in 号 (Gousi), 1号 is about 3.75 grams. They use this scale to rate their sinkers as well. So for example, the rod he bought is rated 34, so that is 34*3.75= 127.5 grams = 4.5 oz. Japanese provide very accurate ratings in general (lines is a perfect example), but I would still not cast at maximum weight.
  6. Gorgeous rod! How long is it before extending it (i.e. fully “collapsed”). 150cm? I love the concept. A lil off topic but I have always wanted to put the most compact and light set-up for my surf fishing. Here in the US (or at least in FL and in my few years experience), we are used to haul 12-13’ rods on top of our trucks and then use giant beach carts to haul all the tackle. This rod with a collapsible fish bag and small backpack will be amazing for 3-4 hour sessions.
  7. They seem pretty strong for the size, diameter is 0.90mm which is slightly less than my classic Eagle Claw L197 Pompano hooks, their #1 is 1.0mm thick. The one thing I like about the Made in Japan Gamakatsu is that they are very very very sharp
  8. This is a ruler in mm/cm showing the hook size. The other pic shows my snood connector, it is a bead with two holes (an actual fishing product) the snood can freely rotate. The connector is “stopped” by rubber stoppers (yellow) and further secured by a tight knot made with mono. The orange micro beads right above/below help reduce friction. The idea is that once you find where in the water column the fish are, you can actually slide the snood position up/down with some force. I do not make knots on the main rig line because knots reduce line strenght up to 50% by strangling the line itself (there is real data on this). All this, I learned from a friend that competed in Surf fishing contests all over the world.
  9. Whiting is delicious, not the fight of your life but they are so tasty! As for the rig, remember to keep it simple. Less is more. I like 8-10lb fluoro/mono, no floats, may be a small bead like shown above. For the snoods/droppers there is a million ways, the dropper that branches of the mainline is just easy and what most folks know but the key is that they dont tangle, 6-8 inches long is good. For hooks use small hooks, Whiting has a small mouth. I use Gamakatsu Mikoshi Unagi #14-15 (buy them straight from Japan) and snell them for a solid connection (the dropper pass thru the eye leaves a loose connection line to hook that I don't like), these hooks are used for eels in Japan but man they work very well for Whiting. I want to go get some now but the slime/seaweed is been bad here in Vero.
  10. I service my own reels and for parts Daiwa has treated me good. From low tier to high tier reels. With my Legalis, I called to ask for a main gear and pinion gear and they send them for free. Then I lost my drag knob and it was dirt cheap $4 bucks. For my Certate LT, I wanted the deep spool and they had it for $78 bucks ( A Twin Power spool is close to $100)…
  11. Here in in FL years ago, in my neighborhood, a very quiet and safe place by the beach, something similar happened but ended in tragedy. Only thing is that the home owner shot and killed the kid while in his property. He was not playing ring and run, the kid actually was going to visit a friend and went to the wrong house. Nothing happened to the home owner, the FL law was on his side...
  12. Knob has been sold to @bac0701 Thanks SOL
  13. It will fit your Stella 14k, just checked the schematics of the most recent versions SW-B and SW-C. Will ship as soon as payment is processed. -Thank you
  14. POWER KNOB IN CARBON FIBER for Shimano Type B handles. This is a well made aftermarket Power Knob. Purchased a couple but I only needed one. It is a very nice knob, very light (0.70 oz/ 20 gr), with a nice 45 mm diameter and ergonomic shape that provides comfortable feel and fit when reeling in. Please inspect all the pictures carefully so you are aware of what you are buying. Brand new Fits Shimano Type B handles: Saragosa, Spheros SW, Ultegra 14000, etc. Includes two spare handle bearings, shims, screws and bearing removal tool Very light, a comparable Gomexus Aluminum knob weights more than double. PRICE: $24.99 Shipped vis USPS 1st class within the US Knob is located in Vero Beach, FL.