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  1. how much is way over every number on the placard? ballpark
  2. Not looking to spy on chicks although that would a be plus, but wondering if there are any beach cams as we have in south shore. With this crazy wind I'd like to gauge if X kts ENE wind or Y ft swell is safe for boating.
  3. With all this rain, I prefer to have an automatic way of pumping the water out while i sleep instead of having drain plug left open for water to escape. Idea is to not forget about the drain plug when going out and not having water collect on the bottom. Anyone have such system setup?
  4. yikes, i thought 4 people was a lot.
  5. So the weight capacity sticker they have on boats ie: 6 ppl or 1000 lbs is just a guideline? How many lbs would it take to sink a 2700 lb (motor included) boat?
  6. it's a 18 ft hydra sport
  7. in terms of weight capacity, does it mean I now have ~100lbs less for occupants, now that I have a kicker mounted on back?
  8. Last year I bought a 9.9 4 stroke mercury and a kicker jack plate mount to bolt onto my boat transom. Three questions (or more) 1. If I mount to the jack plate, that's 4 holes going into my transom, topleft, topright, bottomleft, bottomright. I'm confident it will hold up well permitting I do it right, but what to do with the holes if I all of the sudden don't want the kicker motor on the boat? 2. Is this a good idea? Have people felt much better with kicker (for safety reasons)? 3. Regarding weight distribution, my boat has a 6 people or 1000 lb boat capacity. Does adding a 9.9 kicker ~100lbs at end (to the 115 2 stroke 378lb Johnson that's already sitting at transom), half a foot out at jack plate hurt this weight capacity? If so how much does it get reduced by? 100lb (weight of 9.9) or 100lb times the torque distance from center of boat? Follow up on this, if I have the 100lb 9.9 kicker on the back of the boat, and a minn kota on front tip (guessing this weighs ~30lb) and 2x 50lb trolling batteries in bench seat that lies right in front of center console hub, will this sort of balance out the heavy extra 9.9 on the back?
  9. That's what I might have to get, in addition to 2 110 AH AGM batteries. I had SLA since last year and they already dropped 10% in capacity...
  10. I'd be averaging ~6.5 / 3.0 (tidal/slack) power setting on Minn Kota. Which correlates to about 8-18 amps. if its 25% no current and 75% current, average amp pull is about 15 amps. Battery is 65AH but probably will do 60 AH, so thats only 4 hours of use. We dont run the outboard much but am wondering if its possible to run a 3rd battery to somehow trickle charge the 2. The 3rd battery would be the accessory backup battery.
  11. I have a 80lb thrust Minn Kota which requires 2 12v batteries connected in series. (0v to 12v and 12v to 24v). I also have 2 starting batteries, one for my outboard and one for electronics. The issue: Since the minn kota requires 24v, the two deep cycle batteries act as 1. Online it shows those batteries to give 65 ah, so a minn kota at speed 7 pulling ~17 ah only gets me 3.5-4.5 hours on the water. What to do here to improve the hours on the water to double that? I know an easy answer is to get 2x 105 aH batteries and call it day... but anything else I can do to avoid shelling out another $350 on a set from Amazon? I bought the 2 65ah Duralast DC Group 29 batteries from Autozone last year. Would I be able to sell it to them? - Likely no. Another option is to somehow use the 3rd battery that i use for electronics only (not cranking the outboard) as a trickle charge to the 2 batteries. Can I offload the charge from one battery to another quickly? I assume if this was possible, this would require energy as I'm further moving electronics from one end to another, against their natural flow... This would liekly take effect at halfway point of charging since in first half of the trickle charge. Second half would eb the one that requires energy... getting complex here. In this case, is there any way to use the 3rd electronic starting battery as a Deep Cycle (it is probably not dual purpose) and get away with an inverter? 12V to 24v that draws effectively double the amperage due to the inverter for Minn Kota? Once again, I'll be looking at max @20 -25 amps, so with a 12 to 24v inverter, that would be 40-50 amps effective. I would like to avoid adding 2x more 65ah batteries as that would mean i have 300 lbs of dense mass bending the subfloor of my boat inward.
  12. Wide Rhino Rack, Can fit two Hobie Outbacks laying face down on it, plus 5 inches left over on each sides for straps (10 inch leeway space total).
  13. There could be 50 moderators here trying to prove a point but unfortunately, when someone has their mind made up, not much can be done. A little joke, not really a joke, but maybe you get it: The Iroquois are angry that the foreigners are coming. They yell, fight, and in the end, ~300 years later, the psychology still goes on. "It's not fair. This is mine! Our rules! You cannot do that!" The world will spin and there's not much you or me can do about it. Thank you and have a blessed day.
  14. What is the purpose of the 12 ft chain vs rope?
  15. Sold both for around 3/4th of price. No issues, just cosmetics and requires their own 83/200 khz lowrance transducer. Didn't like selling price too much but at least there's a new set of kayakers out there. The revo got me 25" fluke and the blue outback landed a 21" tog. Even though I have a boat now, didn't get anywhere near to those sizes - yet