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  1. It's closed?
  2. Anyone know a bait shop on south shore around GSB that sells fresh peanut bunker?
  3. The average joe doesn’t go to Sloan. I believe what you’re saying is that each place has pros and cons but the pros and cons here are expensive to swallow. no place is utopia that’s right, but having only five beaches to see on this big of an island…. We should be able to park and go EVERYWHERE as it’s an island. It’s a problem because rich people think they own the beach.
  4. Non residents don’t make a difference. if trash is the issue then you guys should try going to Massachusetts. $10,000 fine for throwing a plastic candy wrapper into the water. My eyes looked out last I went there. what is it over here? $50? Joke of a state. Make poaching and trash’s loitering $10,000 per piece and you’ll solve your problem. as for town permits, towns don’t exist. Everywhere you go there are no towns. It stops at county and the rest is HoA. LI has its head inside out on almost every aspect. Been to a lot of places that are better in terms of stuff like this. Also, LI folks don’t have a problem with non residents. They have a problem with … I’ll say it… Some races. Can’t solve that problem in NY as it’s democratic.
  5. Most people I know just buy the permit from a guy who lives there.12 pack of Beer gets people far to be honest.
  6. My boat design doesn’t allow for that unfortunately, but I appreciate it. I ended up going with 300’ of claw for a 25foot boat, being on a 17.5 cc. Issue is I have to keep it tied with zip ties to deploy. No space for anchor ball either. anyway, my solution was to just keep it in emergency… or pre emergency. Slow deploy so I don’t tangle feet and in general I don’t go to those 3 knot current areas anymore. Growing older by the minute am getting tired of dealing with current. Thanks!
  7. Rip for stripers, green lawns for fluke, jessups/noyack for weakfish. note, for actual fishing quality and good time on the water, other areas are 10x better. It gets crazy in peconic after 9am. It’s worse than Jamaica bay. And I wouldn’t go to the rip or green lawns if you value your life. Sometimes it’s better to catch a keeper less and not have a thousand hp race boat take off ten feet away from you ( cough peconic river cough). And for the haters, these spots are beyond burned. Thank Skinner instead. This is the first year that I’m not going to the peconic.
  8. Best thing to do is ----- no. By the time you figure everything out, you will be old. Best thing to do on is to COPY someone. Take their ideas, spots, techniques. The most important thing when it comes to fishing is the spot, because you can catch a fish or two at the start being a complete idiot and then increase your skill to catch more frequently and better quality, but you can ONLY do that if the fish are there. Don't listen to people who tell you to just go out there and buy a random rod and some jigs because that is literally going to get you nowhere. Find someone who fishes and tag along with them. Don't be a fiend at the same time where you fish right next to someone and cast over them because that's what get's half the people here. The other half just get trigged because of low testerone issues when you catch a fish in "their" spot - ignore them, life moves on. Seriously, find the best spots in connecticut by being a spot detective first, then buy the freshest bait, come at the right time (what is the right time? - for fluke, day time 8am -11am, forget about striped bass - you can catch them later once you are a pro, bluefish, any time of day), go to a good spot (what is a good spot? - find the top 10 best fluke spots and pick the one with the LEAST amount of current because you probably know squat about jigging, so you need to first get good and you do that best by taking baby steps in a friendly environment. You're not going to get good by going to a 7 knot canal or jetty where your line ends up at 9/3 oclock parallel to the jetty. Be smart, and dont listen to 95% of the people here that tell you to buy a rod and whack it in the water. The thing with some sports (like fishing) is that you need to be in a winning position in order to learn. Sort of like how you need a job after college -you're not going to get one if you don't already have experience. Etc. anyway. good luck, detective.
  9. There is NO excuse vs FL vs NY vs NJ vs CA vs any other state except maybe Hawaii or Alaska. Our states are all the same in the end, but yet people like to give excuses as to what makes 'us' special, especially 'LI'. We have to quit the fame of thinking we are any different than some random island off NC. With the exception of schools, everything is crumbling due to political mess. Residents have their brains inside out thinking someone living in farmingdale in Nassau is different from someone living in farmingdale in Suffolk. Brains INSIDE out. Someone living in BK should have the ability to use ramps in Southampton (which they sell permits for - good). And regarding the matter, 'Town of X' - no, you live in a city, there is no mention of 'Town of X' on your mailing address or when buying off Amazon, so take that town of X and send it right down the drain - by the way it works the same for HOA's in CA - a huge mess. Anything more granular than that is either a street or a zip code. No hamlet/village crap. I do live in a 'village' for the matter, and guess what, I don't use any services here nor do I think I deserve or pay for them. I live in 'city', not some village. The only thing we pay for in addition is village police, but no, dont go to another state and say "I live in town of smithtown", or "the xyz association". You live in northport, NY, thats where, not no Town of Sh*t.
  10. Local money is state and county. Anything lower than that is basically HOA
  11. Both the guys in NJ and NY are in the same country. If there are congestion issues then the tax dollars may transfer appropriately.
  12. By that logic, a car registered in Smithtown cannot drive in jericho because people who live in jericho pay for the roads. - and guess what, screw local vs local. We are all together on this deserted island, so lets not even pretend towns exist. If each of us pays 12k in taxes for taxes that goes to 'ramps', 'roads', 'infrastructure', etc, then how come no tax states get infinitely better infrastructure? Have you seen Florida? Every time we go there, there's a new highway being built. We cant even fix pot holes here, let alone build a new road, let alone build a new LANE.
  13. Find a guy who lives there to get you a permit.
  14. I went to cc a few times, what a beautiful place. Boat ramps looked great as well. seems politicians in our areas like to ruin things.
  15. I give it a couple of years before they show up here. Another another couple before they come locally. By then should be outa here. The people here are great but all roads point to Rome, and Rome seems somewhere else.