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  1. So folks. I'm all ears. 1st time boat buyer. How to get boat from driveway to ocean ramp, legally. Currently there are no plates on trailer.
  2. Whats with 1970s makeo's going for 20k?
  3. Are you sure there should be something regarding new registrations?
  4. I am looking to buy a used truck/car from private seller once my lease expires in 2 months. It'll either be GM/Ford pickup or a sequoia. Has anyone bought a used car recently and got it registered? Is there a way to do it online? If not, did anyone silently drive with other plates? Another alternative is to drive to florida and pick one up. Suffolk county off road access was open last time i went in early April, so I am just stuck with this used car registration thing. If possible, I prefer to keep my plates.
  5. I have sea sickness due to ear balance issues. I remember going out boating multiple times when I was younger- as soon as the boat left the bay through the jetty, I'd tell my father that I'm about to fall backwards. I thought that after the 10th time I would get "used" to it, but no, same results every time except what was worse was knowing that it won't get better. Took dramamine and some other medicine prescribed by a doctor. Nothing worked. Then once in cape cod, I got lucky. Before going on whale watch, I just took some bonine and realized that it helped a bit. So... I took the whole pack. The boat was rocking but I felt great, though maybe I was seeing extra* things on the horizon, I certainly was not feeling unwell. Ever since, i take a 12 pack of bonine. The 16 hour nap afterwards doesn't bother me.
  6. is 18-21 ft consider small for LIS? I think over 21ft is too big as you say for a first time boater. I'd like a tandem; then I'll replace the tires. Hope that mitigates the risk of boat laying sideways on the highway.
  7. a 12 pack of bonine works wonders if taken before the trip begins.
  8. It'll be myself and my father fishing primarily. My wife and a dog might be relaxing on the side. If the dog doesn't behave well then he is staying in the yard. Wife's brother might come as well for say a 4 hour trip which would put us at 4 people on a 20 CC. I'm basically trying to find as you described except with a higher emphasis on a boat that has lots of engine life left, hence I'm looking at Japanese motors with high compression. All of the johnson's & evenrudes I did a compression test on had 80-95 psi from 95, whereas I'm yet to find a good price on a boat with a Yamaha/Honda/Tohatsu, so the wait is longer.
  9. Crossed the sound on a 15-footer? I thought I had balls for swimming out 1 mile into the sound a 13 ft kayak. I wouldn't go to Montauk just due to my sea sickness. The sound has just the right amount of breath in the swell. I guess I'll open the search to 18 - 21 CC ( I am going to tow it for the first year and don't feel I am ready to go from towing kayaks to a 24 ft GW cuddy). Thanks!
  10. There was a boat I wanted but I quickly realized that there is a difference in motor quality brand more so than the difference in hull brands. That one was for 7k; I thought If I could get "that" boat just with a yamaha, i'd be comfortable in paying 2-3k more than the evinrude.
  11. I'd go only with the cuddy solely due to that big bulge in the frnt blocking the wend when fishing from the rear of the boat, that and I like standing in the back as I get sea sick a lot. I'll only be going under 10mph wind in long island sound - so while I might get wet, the big deal breaker would be the wind. If I'm wrong here and running in circles, then what would be the best priced cc that is reliabile? What I'm starting to look for is a good deal - which is hard to find near where I live - so I guess I'll have to make a few distance trips. First comes the engine right? Yamaha, Tohatsu, honda, Mercury. Then hull and a tandem trailer. The most thing I've done so far with boat motors after visiting a few sellers is do a compression and spark test. I'm hoping that if I do land a deal on a good engine brand that has high and even compression, then I lower the chance if being skunked, who knows.
  12. Alright, we are getting somewhere. Now how would u see me getting it for 10k?
  13. Other than cosmetics/comfort, is there any difference to reliability of a seapro 206 to a grady?
  14. little too long for me to tow. I'm targetting 19-21 ft the most, 150-200 hp, and preferrably for 10k. Something dirty as heck with a solid hull/engine psi will do.
  15. I was originally planning on slapping in a used yamaha with 130psi on each valve. They have them on ebay for 4-5k. I figure to just get an entire setup from scratch and buy the trailer , hull , end engine seperately. But am not sure.