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  1. I remember walking from diamond beach when that was the only way to the jetty unless you were in the coast guard. Been fishing there as a kid and 25 years later still go there. Would like to go there at some point this year but going to have to find out if they open access to the beach or not before I go. Its a shame cause when i found out beach was closed i was thinking man drove almost 2 hours this sucks but i met a guy out in parking with his wife in their car with pa plate on vacation from Pittsburgh.
  2. I was at a state park earlier this week and they closed down the beach due to im assuming covid. Drove almost 2 hours only to find access to beach fenced off. Maybe not all state parks are closed and i was just unlucky?
  3. ahh i always thought that area was a state park
  4. cape may national wildlife refuge. the beach is normally closed at this time for birds but you can walk the dune trail to get out to the beach thats open to fishing.
  5. Looking for a good striper charter/party boat to take my father fishing around the atlantic city area. Thanks in advanced.
  6. I booked a hotel this holiday weekend in wildwood to do some fishing and take kids crabbing and got an email today stating that rooms are for essential personnel on that live in the area. I don't understand why someone would book a room on boardwalk if they live in the area. Don't want anyone else looking to book a room to later find out you cant be there. Hope this helps the few out of towners that frequent this site.