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  2. That's where I agree with you totally. My question wasn't about budget it was about what fit my needs
  3. It does have the instant anti reverse installed. I honestly don't remember what washers Dave from Beavertail put in the reel and it is the original Drag knob.
  4. Let's go with a $300 max price.
  5. I'll have to check them out ty
  6. Who carries these ODM rods that I can take a look at in person? I'm on long island.
  7. Offers? The worst I can say is no thanks.
  8. Thank you
  9. I'm on long island I really appreciate your offer
  10. I really appreciate all of these suggestions fellas. Ty
  11. I'll have to check out that airwave elite again. I had the 11' version and that broke the 1st night I used it. So that left a bad taste on the tsunami for me.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a 9' rod to use in the surf for calmer days throwing plugs and light soft plastics in the 5/8- 2oz range. I like the moderate action with a nice whip to the last 2/3 or so of the rod. Something that will be less fatiguing to my back as opposed to the heavier action of my MH lamiglas. Btw met a guy on the beach using a 9' Lami Ron Arra and that thing looked sweet. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  13. Wts a Penn 704 oldie but goodie customized by Beavertail rod and reel. Milled for the anti reverse bearing and all internals gone over by Dave Morton. Also Dave installed his manual bail pickup and power know on this reel. New 40# power pro. I'm just looking to recoup some $ for the upgrades $125 OBO
  14. That's fair. I'll take them thank you
  15. Paint, hooks, and time. $40 is the best I can do thank you for your response.