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  1. Yes the amount of time you wrap the leader side and the braid side. Are you saying I can get away with less to make a smaller knot.
  2. When I do a double uni knot it 6-8 on on 40lb leader and 10- 11 on 30lb braid, it makes a knot, I can feel it going through my guides, am I doing to much?
  3. I use a double uni knot for braid to leader, any other knots that stronger or as strong and maybe a little quicker to tie?. I really only know the double uni and palomar knot.
  4. Thanks guys, I'm going to look into the suffix 832
  5. The power pro braid was defective?
  6. Suffix 832 seems to be the braid of choice.
  7. Russ57 I guess I'm blind, I didn't see and just posted the question.
  8. I bought a new Penn Slammer 4500, I always use power pro, never really have an issue with it, but was wondering if there is another braid that is as good or better?
  9. Birdsnester the saltx is a beautiful reel.
  10. Heavy Hooksetter I completely disassembled the reel, there was water inside, I cleaned it thoroughly greased and oiled it. I used it last night and seem as smooth as when I bought it. I was very surprised to see how much water was inside of it, it does get splashed in the surf but I'm very careful not to dunk it.
  11. I bought a slammer today, very nice reel.
  12. Hodgman H5 are great, very comfortable, or frog togg hellbenders.
  13. Surf rite bag is great!
  14. Well after a couple months of use my tsunami shield is making noise, I clean after every use, I guess you get what you pay for. I love the reel though, it's light and comfortable. Looking for something to replace it but not looking for a Van Stal.
  15. Awesome, thank you.